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I Started A New…

I started a new alt blog for those who may be interested.  Ok, ok, so I started Yet Another Alt in WoW, too.  But this post is to tell you about the new blog. Remember how I said I wasn’t going to turn this into a mommy-to-be blog? Well, that’s why I ended up talking… Continue reading

Gaming World of Warcraft 4

TLC Thursday: I Heart Souls

Here’s a random collection of some posts I starred in my reader over the past month or so.  Ya know, in case you hadn’t seen ’em. Ravious of Kill Ten Rats poses the question of what makes one unsubscribe from a blog.  Even I tossed up an answer in the comments. Tobold reminds new and… Continue reading

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Secretly Admiring You From Afar

And gazing upon your huge… walls of text. It’s not quite spring yet, but some of us bloggers are getting twitterpated and signing up to secretly admire another blogger. This will be interesting… oh yes, it shall be. P.S. I like chocolate. P.P.S. And souls.