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Top 5 Enjoyable Free-To-Play Games

When there are four of you and you all like your own style of games, sometimes the budget just can’t handle it. Sometimes it’s like “this month, the kids get a game they wanted, next month it’s my turn. But I wanted three other games!” Fear not, there are many free-to-play games out there that… Continue reading

Space Stay-At-Home Gamers

Our Top 5 Space Sim Games

I have been getting back into the space sim genre of games again recently. There are a few game genres that I get really into every so often and space sim is one of them. Space sim games can cover a broad range of games. Though, all of them don’t require you to be in… Continue reading

Classic Games Twitch

The 7th Guest: Stream This Friday

One of the first ever “multimedia” games I picked up for my PC at the time, the amazing Tandy Sensation!, was The 7th Guest. At the time in 1993, I was blown away by it. It was scary and it had movie like animations and clever puzzles. It’s the game that Bill Gates called “the new… Continue reading

The Sims

Sims 4 Saturday Legacy Series – Episode 5: Forever Unclean

Kassandra and Paolo’s relationship moves into the fast lane. She doesn’t regret what happened, but wonders if she should have confirmed his relationship status first. He has to be single, right?! Guess there’s only one way to find out…. Sims 4 Saturday Legacy Series – Episode 5: Forever Unclean Generation 1: Kassandra Wills Has your… Continue reading