Day: May 16, 2009

All-Time Classics Humor World of Warcraft 2

The Perfect BlizzCon Pet

So this morning, my “masters,” Syrana and Sideshow, disturbed my lovely nap so they could crowd in front of the computer. Syrana kept babbling about tickets all week long.  That warlock is so crazy, she was mumbling about tickets, costumes, and murlocs in her sleep last night.  I couldn’t even stay in the bedroom, so… Continue reading

All-Time Classics Gaming World of Warcraft 5

Cancellation Musings

When I was in elementary school, for some reason we thought the idea of being “cancelled” was funny.  One of my friends got ahold of the librarian’s “cancelled” stamp and would go around cancelling our classmates. Today, that memory still makes me chuckle under my breath and shake my head, but I don’t want my… Continue reading