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Celebrating One Year of Stay-At-Home Gamers!

We’re passionate about gaming as a family and encouraging others to play board games and video games together too. Brian and I have been gaming since we were kids. In fact, we spent a lot of our time gaming together pre-kids. There was a period of time when we didn’t game as much because we were… Continue reading

Gaming XBox 3

Dancin’, Dancin’, DANCIN’!

Well, hello.  Remember me? >.> <.< No? Ah well.  It was bound to happen.  I mean, I did go rogue ‘n all (as in not around.. I’m still a warlock through ‘n through.) I’m getting more and more hands free moments now that our daughter is about 9 weeks old.  She sure is a snuggle… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 1

State Of The WoW Account

Seeing as how I haven’t logged into WoW since the first weekend of July and we’re tightening our budget in anticipation of our spawn’s arrival… I decided to cancel it.  For now. Things are very busy right now IRL.  I’m used to short breaks and hiatuses, but this is the longest I’ve gone.  I’m on… Continue reading

Gaming The Sims 1

Sims Saturday: A Legacy is Born Part 28

If you are just joining us or looking for a refresher, the entire series can be found here. Generation 3: Syrana and Summer After Syrana confirmed that she was in fact pregnant, she became infected with a common pregnancy ailment: quest for knowledge.  She had an overwhelming desire to read everything she could get her… Continue reading