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Double-Trouble Birthday Stream!

The day is coming! January 18th, the double birthday..day. Both Brian and Darcy celebrate their birthdays on the same day. What a fun time!

This year we're going to host a special Twitch stream on Thursday night with many, hopefully hilarious, rounds of The Jackbox Party Pack. So, make sure your calendar is completely free starting at 9PM Central and join in on our Twitch channel! The cool thing about the Jackbox Games is that you can play along on your phone or tablet from the comfort of your Elmo PJs.

There will be fun and good times. For every concurrent viewer (up to 25) we will donate a $1 to our Extra Life goal. In lieu of gifts, we ask you to donate to Extra Life and help the kids at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

On a side note, this stream will probably not be family-friendly. Some of the content will be out of our control. So make sure the kids are in bed.

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