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Stream Schedule: Dec 4th-8th

Due to the fact that I kept forgetting to schedule paid time off at work, I have a bunch of days coming up that I don't have to work. What does that mean? More Twitch STREAMING! 

I am going to stream everyday next week, still finalizing the schedule, but I'll be streaming from 10AM – 12PM (Noon) and then from 1PM – 3PM. This is all Central time.

No games locked down at the moment, but it will be from our normal selection of games and probably some new (or at least new to us) games. We have a large, unplayed Steam library, but who doesn't? I blame you Steam Holiday sales. I will update the post and our Twitch channel with more info when it is more locked down.

So, please stop on by our Twitch channel. Say Hi. Follow us. Chill out. We'd love to have you.

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