34 Games You Must Check Out at Gen Con 2019

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We have at least 25 games you must play that are releasing around Gen-Con this year. Are you going to Gen-Con this year or staying at Gen-Cant?

We aren't able to attend Gen Con this year, but we've been paying attention to the games releasing at this year's gaming convention as well as some exciting games that will be for demo only.

These are our top family board game picks to see, play, and buy!

Here are the games we talk about:

  1. Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll And Write by Adam’s Apple Games
  2. Draftosauras by Ankama
  3. Trapper Keeper Game by Big G Creative
  4. Kingdomino Duel by Blue Orange Games
  5. Pigasus by Brain Games
  6. Tsuro: Phoenix Rising by Calliope Games
  7. Corinth by Days of Wonder
  8. Ticket to Ride: London by Days of Wonder
  9. Bermuda Pirates by FoxMind
  10. Tattoo Stories by Games by Bicycle
  11. Dragonrealm by Gamewright
  12. Sushi Roll by Gamewright
  13. Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game by Genius Games
  14. Fluttering Souls by Good Games Publishing
  15. Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon by Iello
  16. Little Town by Iello
  17. Brainwaves series by Thames & Kosmos
  18. Roll for Adventure by Thames & Kosmos
  19. Patchwork Doodle by Lookout Games
  20. Mental Blocks by Pandasaurus Games
  21. Passtally by Pandasaurus
  22. Quirky Circuits by Plaid Hat Games
  23. Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write by Portal Games
  24. Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared by Ravensburger
  25. Sinister Six by Spin Master Games
  26. Wakanda Forever by Spin Master Games
  27. Zodiac Clash by Spin Master Games
  28. Deadly Doodles by Steve Jackson Games
  29. Astro Trash by The OP
  30. Dungeon Academy by The OP
  31. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle: Defense Against the Dark Arts by The OP
  32. Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising by The OP
  33. Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures by The OP
  34. Heist: One Team, One Mission by University Games

Which games are you most excited about?

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