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Oh my goodness, what a day, what a day.  Most of it was spent flying or in the airport.  Although I spent most of the day sittin' on my ass, lemme tell ya, it's been a tiring day already!

As my last post(s) indicated, we flew out of Milwaukee around 3:45pm CST.  We had a short layover in Denver and then off to Orange County.  We landed in California around 7:30pm PST.  And, boy, was I hungry.  We hadn't had a meal since 11am-ish CST.  Sure, we packed some snacks for the flight, but some crackers and combos weren't enough.

So we consider our options:

A: Eat at the airport, go to our hotel, and pick up badges

B: Go to hotel, eat, and pick up badges

C: Got to hotel, pick up badges, and eat

We chose option A, but we didn't find anywhere to eat after picking up our luggage.  We decide to suck it up and go with option B.  As we head to a shuttle, I start texting with Mocha (guilde) and twittering.  Sideshow and I were having fun checking out the people around us at the airport, trying to spot the gamers.

As we wait for the shuttle to fill up, it doesn't take long to discover that of the 9 passengers, 8 of them were WoWers headin' to BlizzCon.  I tweet about this…. and lo and behold…. @Greyseer was sitting behind us!

Seriously, what are the chances of that?

We got to chitchat a little bit.  Sideshow and I start looking at the time more and move to option C.  We didn't get to our hotel until around 8:30pm PST.  We wanted to make sure to get our badges and goodybags tonight, rather than in the morning.  So, we check in, toss our crap into our room and get a taxi to the convention center.

Thankfully, the lines were moving fast.  It took more time to get to the badge pickup area than it did to actually get it.  We were in and out pretty quickly and I'm fading fast.  It's after 9pm and I. Am. Hungry.

I text with Mocha some more to see if he's somewhere we can meet up and get food, but Sideshow and I decide on IHOP.

By this time, we've pretty much decided that we are not going to make it to the meetup.  Several people tweeted about how busy and crowded it was.  So… off to IHOP we went.

I swear, it's the first time I've ever eaten non-breakfast food at IHOP.

So back to twittering while we wait to order and wait for our food.  We run into @Greyseer again! 🙂

Ahh, so now here I am, trying to give those who do not follow me on twitter an update.  I don't have much for pics tonight, sorry.  Also, our wifi seems …. slow.  I wonder how many people in our hotel are raiding right now?

Like I mentioned before, I will do my best to give some sort of a blog update in the evenings.  I've been tweeting like crazy, so that's still a great way to follow my BlizzCon adventures.

Now, time to sleep.  Tomorrow we shall try to see the opening ceremony, preview panel, The Guild panel, and cinematics.  And most definitely the TNB meetup!



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Sharing is caring!


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They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

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