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Since the last post, I've spent a good chunk of Eve Online time training up my character to do some exploring. I have since spent a lot more time (almost all of my play time with that character) in low security space.

My exploration character. Hopefully the badass angle keeps weaker pirates away.
My exploration character. My logic is that the badass portrait keeps weaker pirates away.

I now have a T2 covert ops frigate, the Buzzard, which is a decent exploration ship, but also not a huge loss if I make a mistake and get killed in it. I have also trained high enough in Cloaking to be able to add the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II which allows me to spent most of my time cloaked and hidden from scanning and overviews. This makes scouting and scanning down for data and relic sites much easier. I can scan it down, warp to it, and check it out all while cloaked. It does have some downsides, as I can't target or do most other things while cloaked, but I can warp and move at full speed.

Also, while finding and hacking the data and relic sites, I've scanned down some wormholes. I have yet to dive into one that leads to “unknown space” or “dangerous unknown space” since I don't think I'd make it out alive, yet, but I have jumped into a few that lead to low security space. This usually takes me to some low security system many, many jumps from my home system. So far, the lowest security system I've been in and spent a lot of time in was 0.1, so almost null sec space. That's my next goal. 

I haven't made a ton of money doing exploration, but enough to cover any expenses, which there are few if you don't die. My next ship goal is the Astero, which is made for exploration, but it's a bit more expensive.

Now what people say is really true, the game opens up a lot more once you leave the comforts of high security space. I do enjoy my main character who does mostly industry, trading, and mining, but there is something about being out alone in the middle of a system with possible pirates lurking about, trying to hack a mainframe to get the goods. It makes even the smaller amounts of ISK you earn seem exciting.

Hopefully my next post will talk about me dipping into null sec or even wormhole space, we'll see.

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Sharing is caring!


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