Doxie Dash Family Card Game Review

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Are you looking for quick family games to play at home or while you're traveling? Then you'll want to learn more about a fun card game called Doxie Dash.

Doxie Dash Card Game Overview

Doxie Dash is a quick family card game from Mackerel Sky Games.
It's ideal for ages 6+ with 2-6 players and takes about 20 minutes to complete a game.

We first learned about this game on Instagram while following the designer, Travis Wilkins. It was awesome watching the game's progress leading up to the Kickstarter campaign.

I especially loved seeing the joy on his kids' faces as they played.

So when Doxie Dash launched on Kickstarter, we backed it. It's been a hit with my kids since the first time we all gathered around the table to play it.

Cricket Doxie Hero card plus other cards from the Doxie Dash card game.

How to Play Doxie Dash

I love how easy it is to teach someone to play Doxie Dash.

I consider it a card drafting and set collection game that has a bit of luck and strategy.

First, you deal two Doxie cards to each player. They choose one and return the other to the box.

The character cards have names and are inspired by real dachshunds from Long Long Ranch in Canada.

Each Doxie has their own special abilities. They have a starting item (such as kibble or a rug) and an ability that can score bonus points or allows you to break the rules.

Next, you deal 11 cards to each player and place the remaining deck in the center of the table.

Making set combinations while playing the Doxie Dash family card game.

Everyone selects one card from their hand and places it face down in front of them. Once everyone has chosen a card, everyone flips it face up and passes their hand to the left.

You continue to pick and pass until all of the cards have been played.

Now, it's time to trade and tally.

Everyone, starting with the first player, may trade in any number of cards they wish. To trade, add the cards to the discard pile and draw the same number from the top of the deck.

There is an element of risk because you don't know for sure what you will draw.

Then make set combinations by using your Doxie hero's starting item, the cards you played, and your hero's ability.

Beware that undefeated foes give negative points!

Once your combos are set, add up your points for that round.

The game ends when one player reaches 100 or more points. We usually play an average of three rounds.

To start the next round, clear all the cards except your Doxie, shuffle, and deal 11 cards to each player.

The rulebook also includes a team play option and a tournament challenge option.

Why Doxie Dash Makes a Great Family Game

Overall, the game play is simple, which makes it perfect for playing with younger children and non-gamers.

Its small size also makes it a fantastic choice for traveling or as a stocking stuffer.

We recently packed it for a weekend trip to visit family. My son loved showing Grandpa M how to play and “helping” him pick cards.

Doxie Dash is light and fun to play with the kids and keep all players engaged. There isn't a lot of down time, which keeps kids from getting antsy and bored.

Also, the silliness of collecting skivvies and poo makes them giggle.

I mean, what kid doesn't find poo just a tad funny?

My daughter playing Doxie Dash during family game night.

The more my kids play it, the more they try to plan ahead in order to optimize the set collection points. Mr. X has just about all the combinations and their point values memorized.

Even if they aren't strategizing, they are practicing math during the point tally phase.

We've even played a game with all adult players and it was still fun. I think it's an excellent choice for a filler game when you want to play something, but also want to chitchat while visiting.

Where to Buy Doxie Dash

Want to try your luck at being the one and only weiner? Order Doxie Dash directly from Mackerel Sky Games.

Doxie Dash Card Game

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