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There are some things I just don't have time for… like being challenged to a duel as I hop off the zeppelin outside of The Undercity.

Back when I was leveling Syrana on an RP-PvP server, I remember this druid, who was about the same level, challenged me to a duel when the zeppelin stopped.

I declined and continued on my way.

They so eloquently yelled out that I was a scared wuss.

I didn't even bother responding.

As I headed off to where ever it was my quest(s) was taking me, I received a whisper from that druid.  I thought, Gee this ass just can't leave me be.  Well, turns out, he wasn't an ass after all.  He asked why I wouldn't duel him.  I told him that there was no benefit – nothing for me to gain – no honor.

Besides, I had to watch my back enough everywhere I went, I didn't want to be bothered with fake fighting one of my own faction.

I can no longer remember the exact details of the conversation, but there was something he liked about my response.  There was a level of respect over desiring honor for a kill.  We chatted a bit more and even worked on a couple quests together.

I still rarely ever duel, unless it's a friend or family member… totally for shits ‘n giggles.  But I still very much dislike the ninja duel request…. especially when it pops up as I'm riding past someone.

Just an observation….

Arguing on the internet is a lot like dueling.  We don't have anything to lose except time and patience.  There is no real winner because there is nothing gained… no honor in either scenario.

Also, don't fuck with a pregnant woman.  Just a word of warning.  I mean, you don't poke a bear unless you want your face ripped off.  Trying to push an argument with a preggo is very much like that.

Stay outta my cave.

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  • Psh, you’re in the gradual incapacitation phase. It’s when the baby comes out that you develop super-momma-bear-will-kill-you power.

    See look? I’m waving a raw steak in the air and no problem at all.

  • I agree, the random duel requests annoy the hell out of me. Why would I waste time doing something that produces no outcome? There is no honor, no achievement reward, no experience, just wastes time, if I want to waste time I will do dailies, farm up mats (ore, herbs, etc).

  • @Klep – Boy-you *shakes fist* better watch it! 😛

    @Avatar – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that sees little point in dueling.

    @BBitt – LOL!

    @Side – I haven’t given you anything to be afraid of…. yet.

  • Oh god yes, I know *exactly* what you mean! I just don’t see the point to be honest. I play the game for the pv*E* element, so why bother duelling people?

    Also… the wrath of a pregnant woman is something everyone should fear. All those hormones? NOT FUN to live with (as in for the mother-to-be involved… I’m not sayin anything about the partner in crime cause lets face it, it only took about 10/20 minutes for them to help with making the baby, right? 😉 )
    .-= Softi´s last blog: Boys just want to have fun too! =-.

  • The thing I hate most about ninja duels are the Tournament jousty duels. You know, you mount up, get shields up, speak to the gnome ready to kick butt and somebody requests a duel AS you’re starting the fight for your dailies. Rude, I say. If they want help with their achievement, they only have to ask, ninja duelling will get them nowhere with me.

    Sidenote: I like the twitter name addition to your comment system! Is that a plugin?
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog: Top 10 Songs That Brighten Up Your Day =-.

  • @Softi – Heck, dueling is pointless even for those that like PvP and play for PvP. And I’m glad to have some back up on this hormone thing. Much appreciated! 😀

    @Jaedia – Oh gawd, I hatehatehate when they challenge at the Tourney grounds. And yeppers, the Twitter name is a plugin through the Comment Luv peeps. Sideshow added ’em the other day. 🙂


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