Relax & Chill with No Man’s Sky

Our latest video is a slight departure from our normal Let’s Play videos. Your feelings on No Man’s Sky as a game aside, it still has some of the most amazing views and landscapes. I was playing it the other night and took a short break to do something. I came back to see my character looking out over this amazing view (as seen in the video thumbnail) as sunset hit. In the background, the chill NMS music was playing and it was very calming and relaxing. So, I spent an hour or two hopping around a few planets and systems finding really cool views and turned it into a relaxing video.

As we are a gamer family and we have children, we know everything can get a bit tense and stressful at certain times. So, wait for the kids to go to bed, grab a glass of wine, and take ten minutes to let your body relax and chill in front of this video. You’ll thank us later.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about it. We’d like to make more, possibly using other games as there are so many amazing views in so many games from Skyrim to Red Dead Redemption to a new one I found recently, ABZÛ.

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