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GTA High Five!

I’m pretty excited about next Tuesday when GTAV releases. I mean, I’ve been in love with that series since playing the first, classic top-down Grand Theft Auto game back in about 1998 or so. I didn’t play too much top-down GTA2, but GTA3 just blew my mind when I played it on my Playstation. It’s… Continue reading

Family Gaming XBox 2

Sweet Child o’ Mine

One of the things I think about as we raise our daughter (now 2) and have a son on the way (he’s still taking his time) is how they will game and how we will game with them. It wasn’t really something my parents did with us, mainly since video games were not really around… Continue reading

Gaming Music XBox 2

Guitar Hero Sells…But Who’s Buying?

I find it sort of funny that I ended up purchasing Activision’s latest Guitar Hero release, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the day before they killed the series. Now, personally, I’ve always been more of a Rock Band fan. The Rock Band series always seemed to be more about the music and interacting with the music,… Continue reading

Gaming XBox 3

Dancin’, Dancin’, DANCIN’!

Well, hello.  Remember me? >.> <.< No? Ah well.  It was bound to happen.  I mean, I did go rogue ‘n all (as in not around.. I’m still a warlock through ‘n through.) I’m getting more and more hands free moments now that our daughter is about 9 weeks old.  She sure is a snuggle… Continue reading