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Sims Us: The Sims 4 – Episode #1

We ended up starting a new family in our Sims 4 Let's Play this week. Accessing our last family game ended in some technical difficulties, so we weren't able to continue recording it right now. Though, this one should be really fun since it's loosely based on our real life counterparts.
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Meet the Winters family: Brian, Darcy, and Marissa. Mr. X is not yet present, but we thought we'd try to bring him into the Sims world the same way he came into this world, naked and screaming. We would try to make him the natural way as Sim God intended by randomly merging data points from his Sim parents.

This Let's Play will include a lot of features from the most recent expansions we picked up including Get Together, Get To Workand Parenthood. So, it will have a lot of new stuff that we've never played with before. So far, in our gameplay (though coming soon to our channel) we've gone to work as a medical intern, created our awesome new club, “Funnest Club Ever”, and had a unscheduled party in our bathroom. Who knew the bathroom was such a hip place to be?

View the first episode, Bathroom Party, above, or view it on YouTube. Then, visit our channel to subscribe and view our other videos.

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