So, to get you some background details on this story, it seems as though my house was built upon a underground river of sorts (hopefully not like this one.) Even now, when all we had was a bit of warm weather and some rain, my sump pump runs about every 5-10 minutes. I have 2 sump pumps installed in my basement in case one can't handle it. Last summer when we had tons of rain and horrible flooding (though not on my block) I had both pumps running non-stop just barely able to keep up with the flow of water.

Finding somewhere to put the water is the next problem. I live near the end of a street where it merges in a weird way with the street that mostly runs parallel to it. So, this gives me a smaller yard that has a weird angle to it. I'm pretty close to my neighbors. I usually shoot the water into my backyard somewhere, usually moving it around every few days when the flow is bad. In the summer, for short periods of time, I can run the water down the driveway into the street and into the storm drains. This only works for short periods since after a while, due to the cement constantly being wet, a slime sorta builds up and it gets slippery for people. Obviously, I also can't do this much in the winter due to the fact that we'd have a instant slip-and-slide created.

So, I've found a good spot for the water, the corner of my yard. There is a big section of large-ish pine trees there. Trees like water and soak it up pretty good. I've been doing that since I've lived here which is going on 4 years now. On Tuesday, I go out to my car and notice a little yellow sign on a post in the corner of my yard. I get closer to it and notice that it says: “Please” No More Water. A sign. My retired neighbor made a sign to put in my yard to tell me this instead of walking over and asking me to move the water. I guess he thinks I just have a faucet running all the time or something. I was pissed at first, but the more I think about it the more I laugh at it. Not a funny ha-ha laugh, but an “Are You F'in Serious?” sort of laugh. Good times.

Click for larger version
Click for larger version

I did try to think of a good sign that I could post as a response, but I hope you can come up with some better ones.

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  • Yeah, about that sign… Well, you weren’t home at the time, I figured you’re pretty cool, you MUST control the elements, right?

    On a side note – no more snow, either, kthxbai

    ~seriously – we live next to very similar neighbors in apparently similiar weather conditions. I feel your basement-flooded pain.

  • Next to it: “While you’re at it, can you ask God for some more sun too?”


    “Water here for magic sign growth.”


    Set the trees on fire and knock on his door and when they’re all burnt down, put a slightly charred sign up “More Water”

    Arson is probably a bad idea though. I like the warlocky nature of the last one though.


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