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I'm honestly really excited about SimCity's release on Tuesday, March 5. I was excited about it before since I've always loved the SimCity games, but after watching most of the live streams they have been doing this week on and seeing everything that they're doing makes it even harder to wait. Don't worry, there are 3 more SimCity live streams until Tuesday, including one today at 12PM Eastern. Plus, you even get to vote on what they do next.

SimCity Screenshot
Yes, please.
Click for big, pretty version.

One of the big discussion points on SimCity so far has been its “internet connection required” DRM. Now, I'm not a huge fan of DRM, especially when it gets in the way or causes a huge headache like Aion's did to me back in 2009. But, I also don't think it's a huge negative, especially if it doesn't get in the way. People use Steam everyday, people love Steam, I love Steam. Now I know Steam games don't usually need you to be online to play, but you do need to have Steam running. Due to the massive online global market and city regions that SimCity has, it's honestly no different than an MMO. I agree that requiring it to be online to play in private sandbox mode is sort of annoying, but as long as EA and Origin can keep it up and not fail like Blizzard did with Diablo's launch, I'm not worried about it. If you don't want to buy the game because of it, fine, no problem, but if you're so worked up about it that need to tell anyone and everyone while tossing in some f-bombs, I'm sorry, go off to your corner. No one cares.

SimCity Mac
It's even coming out for all of you Mac players. Look at those graphics!

Beyond that I'm loving the new overhaul of the SimCity series. I played in the first closed beta. The data layers look awesome, the roads are now extremely flexible, and the completely 3D graphics are amazing. I'm looking forward to all of the deep strategy and not being required to always build everything to keep your city going since you can tap into other regional cities. That will allow people to build their own unique cities, specializing in touristy cities or industrial cities, or a city in the shape of a butt, etc.

I think I may start my own region at first to get a feel for everything before trying to play with other builders, unless one of you out there wants to play together in a region, let me know.

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  • Hi! My name is Henrik and im looking for someone to play a region with. I wanna play at a slow phase and try out new things! I have played simcity 4 and tried the second beta, but im not an expert or anything, so i don’t wanna jump in to a region with 16 players at launch.
    Im coming from sweden, so i will probably play on the EU server.

    I would like to have someone to try multicity stuff with.

    If you have the same preferences as me and are intrested please mail me!
    I have preordered the game and will get it the 7th.


    • I probably won’t be on the EU server too often, but hopefully someone else who reads this post will set up a few cities with you. Thanks for the comment!


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