Top Fortnite Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Fortnite Halloween Costumes

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Looking to dress up as your favorite Fortnite skins for Halloween?

Fortnite is one of the hottest video games right now, so it's no surprise that many kids and adults are planning to wear Fortnite Halloween costumes. We gathered up a few costume and accessory ideas to help you out.

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Fortnite Halloween Costumes and Accessories

What is your favorite Fortnite Battle Royale skin? There are lots of popular skins that are perfect for Halloween, such as Skull Trooper, Drift, Brite Bomber, and Cuddle Team Leader.

Skull Trooper

The Skull Trooper costume consists of a skeleton bodysuit and a skull mask. If you aren't able to order a costume, it is probably one of the easiest DIY costumes. You could wear a skeleton shirt or make one and use face paint.

Drift joined Fortnite in Season 5 and is known for his iconic white and pink mask.

To achieve Drift's look, start with a latex Drift mask (or a plastic one) then add black pants, a hoodie vest, high top sneakers, and fingerless gloves.

Brite Bomber
Another option is Brite Bomber, a rare skin. She has short pink hair, purple shades, a purple shirt with a rainbow and a llama, and purple fingerless gloves.

This child's Brite Bomber costume is a jumpsuit that comes with the cropped shirt, belt, gloves, and glasses. Complete the look with a pink wig and a Rainbow Smash pickaxe.

Cuddle Team Leader
Cuddle Team Leader is also a popular Fortnite Halloween costume choice. You can get a pink hooded jumpsuit in adult or kid sizes.

Wear the hood or opt for a Cuddle Team Leader latex mask with a pink bodysuit.

Pink not your color? Fireworks Team Leader is a blue bear or you may prefer to dress up as P.AN.D.A. Team Leader.

More Fortnite Costume Ideas
There are so many different skins to choose from for cosplay or Halloween. Many are easy to dress up as, such as Fable, who looks like Red Riding Hood or Bunny Brawler, which is basically a hooded bunny jumpsuit.

A few other unique Fortnite costume choices include the Dark Voyager, Black Knight, Crackshot (who looks like a Nutcracker), Beef Boss, Rex, and even a Llama mask.

Fortnite Costume Accessories
Once you have your main costume picked out, don't forget to gear up with Fortnite accessories. Everyone needs a harvesting tool, back bling, and a loot llama.

What's a Fortnite costume without dancing? Add a boogie bomb for even more fun!

We hope you have fun dressing up with these top Fortnite Halloween costumes and accessories. There are so many creative ways to put together a costume for a Halloween party or trick-or-treating.

Whether you purchase or make homemade costumes, we can't wait to see them!

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