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1 – Ninjavites

Yes, ninjavites, those random group invites that you don't know who they are coming from or what they are for.  This is probably my biggest pet peeve in game.  I'm all for helping people out and glad others want to too, but I think many of us have jumped into a group to then be “dumped” after they get what they need and you haven't gotten what you need.

Who the heck is Gertbee?
Who the heck is Gertbee?

This one really comes down to politeness… ask me first.  I don't care if it is by /s or /w, just ask me.  I consider it rude to not ask me first.  If I know what it's for, I'm much more inclined to help, even if I don't need whatever it is. About the only ninjavites I accept are from Sideshow and my guildies (basically, I have to know who you are).  Now, I don't automatically ignore someone that sends a ninjavite, but if you send me 3 in a row – /added.

This applies not only to random group invites, but also to random guild invites.  I've never talked to you, how do you know I want to join your guild? Heck, how do you know I am even looking for one?

2 – Shoving a Guild Charter in my Face

Again, this is rude.  I understand you want to start your guild, but maybe there is a reason my toon is unguilded.  And nevermind that you just interrupted me getting my mail.  A friendly whisper would be appropriate. I have helped sign a charter before with unguilded alts, I've even done it for gold.

3 – Random Duel Challenge

Dueling has it's time and place, but not while I'm surrounded by mobs or you are a gazillion levels higher or lower than me.  This one has been appearing more frequently again while I'm trying to complete the Argent Tournament dailies.  I can understand that a bit more, but not while I'm riding into a city.  Again, the magic number is 3 times in a row to actually be added to my ignore list.  But, don't be surprised if I never both to hit decline on the 2nd challenge.

4 – Spamming Chat Channels

Whether it is /yell, /say, General, Trade or emote… if it's filling my chatbox three times over, I have decided you aren't saying anything I need to read.  If no one responded after the first two times, it's not because they missed it.  And it's really not amusing when you are calling someone a “lol fgt” 5 times over and over so that the entire city can hear you.  Even if I don't add you to my ignore list, I am not opposed to leaving the channel, if it is one I can leave.

5 – Excessive Arseholeyness

This can apply to all the above, in PuGs, or anywhere I encounter you.  And you don't even have to be an ass to me.  If I can publicly see you being a major dbag to others around you, I can only assume you'd treat me without any respect.

Moral of the List: Remember your manners in how you deal with others in game.

Now I ask you, dear readers, would these be your top 5 or are there other things that lead you to ignore other players, for better or worse?

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  • As a healer I find myself often ninja invited. Sometimes I’ll humor them, which frequently leaves me in a full group wondering where on earth I’m going.

    I’ll do ninja invites myself for some group quests where someone wanders up as I’m about to engage-I don’t always have time to type, and I’ve yet to see those taken amiss. Then again the point is usually a little more clear. 🙂

  • That Gertbee fellow sounds suspicious. Never group with a dwarf named Gertbee. Small hands. Smells like cabbage.

  • I agree about the ninjavites (I LIKE that term). Like Ambrosyne, once people find out I am a healer (an incredible healer no less), I start getting the ninjavites. I always turn them down. JERKS!

  • Here Here, well said I can see and appreciate why a healer is in such high demand but you shouldn’t have to go into every city with /DND around your neck. I recently had a person 8 lvls over me want to duel…I knew I’d lose but I was in a playful mood and accepted. Then came the expected defeat and instead of ‘that was fun’or ‘good sport’ he called me a rude name I can’t repeat. I can tell you I called him out every which way…I had the poor kid following me around the Barrens apologising for 15 min…lol serves him right!

  • the ninjavite and related ninja /ginvite are DEFINITE pet peeves.

    People who randomly open trade windows without messaging me first are also on my top five. Usually they want food and water since I am the WoW incarnation of Hostess/Coca-Cola. If they whisper me first, I’m more than happy to play vending machine, especially to a lowbie, but unnanounced will get you nowhere.

    Ninja duel invites are summarily ignored. I don’t like pvp, and I don’t want to duel with you. Period. Ever.

    And my final peeve are those people who beg for portals and then tip you less than the cost of the reagent. If you’re poor, there’s free transportation available in the form of *legs*. Your toon was born (rolled?) with them. If you can’t afford the “airfare” to Ironforge, Shattrath, wherever, maybe you shouldn’t go there…

  • @Ambrosyne – I can definitely see a healer (or tank) getting ninjavites often. When it happens quick near a clear objective, the intent is obvious. But I’ve logged into my bank alt and have had ninjavites pop up… no clue who they are, what it’s for.. I’m in the fricken bank lol Usually there is no response to the decline… sometimes a rude response… sometimes a “why not?” Which is when I’ll explain I have no clue what it’s for and would appreciate being asked first.

    @Sideshow – Indeed. He was a suspicious fellow. 😛

    @Zaralin – 😀 I’m surprised no one else has come up with ninjavites before… or if they have, I never heard about it. It certainly is nice to have a heads up what it’s for *nodnod*

    @KitnKat – How rude! That’s why I hate the random duels because too many times has someone been a poor sport (whether I won or lost, it didn’t matter). Once when I declined a duel on the zeppelin tower, the person whispered me afterwards to ask why I wouldn’t duel them. I told him I’d rather PvP for honor and not risk falling off the tower and missing the zepp. That actually led to a good chat and we completed some group quests together lol

  • @Rhii – Oh yeah, I forgot the ninja trade windows! That always seems to happen when I’m going through my mail or crafting something… which then knocks me out of what I was doing 🙁

    Portal begging and vending goodies I don’t get bugged for… although I’ve been contacted randomly for summons before. Like, when I was in Badlands. That person didn’t seem to understand I couldn’t do it by myself in the middle of nowhere. I tried to explain I’d need 2 helpers. xD

  • I’m sooo going to start doing ninjavites. WOOT! I wanna be cool…

    *enter noob leet geek speak thingy here for I can’t bring myself to do it today*

  • All those reasons are on my list. Your number four is actually my #1, and my ignore list massively suffers for it. Followed pretty quickly by your number one and two. I have a bit more tolerance for random duel challenges because of my AutoMaton (<3) but… I will ignore chat idiots faster than they can type an [Anal] response.

  • @Davlin – /ignore 😛 Ninjavites are baaaad.

    @Anea – I think the reason my #4 is well, #4 :P, is because I usually stay out of global channels unless I’m specifically looking for something.

    @T-Sonn – xD That’s a great list!

  • NinjaDuels I can’t stand… period. I can’t be stuff adding another mod to turn them down immediately, but seriously… leave me alone.

    NinjaInvites I am in two minds about… In part because I don’t get them often, and when I do, it is 99% of the time related to the LFG queue I am in.

    But, that’s where my problem lies… I might have 3 instances in my LFG queue, but I probably prefer to do one, and at the start of the night, will be more inclined to knock back invites for the 2nd & 3rd options.

    I dislike that the “automatically join me option” doesn’t include a “We have found a group for you for XYZ instance, would you like to join”. I feel stupid having to ask the group after joining. Same thing with blind invites, but I don’t know what it is lately… people have actually been polite enough to ask…

    Same thing with ports… people ask politely… what the hell is wrong with all the WoW douche bags?

  • @Gnomer – As you and others stated, ninjavites have pros and cons. I usually don’t like them.. but then again, I’m not usually in LFG or anything when I get them. I tend to get them the most when I’m on my bank toon or otherwise in the middle of something.

    But yes, politeness… just because we have anonymity doesn’t mean common courtesy has to be left behind in the “real world”! 😛


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