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Gertbee Sunset
All-Time Classics World of Warcraft 3

Off Into the Nether

I think I may have finally hit that point. The point where I’m no longer interested in playing World of Warcraft. I think the last time I played was almost two months ago and I’ve had absolutely no urge to play, even though my year subscription doesn’t run out until sometime in April. Hell, it’s… Continue reading

Gaming XBox 3

Dancin’, Dancin’, DANCIN’!

Well, hello.  Remember me? >.> <.< No? Ah well.  It was bound to happen.  I mean, I did go rogue ‘n all (as in not around.. I’m still a warlock through ‘n through.) I’m getting more and more hands free moments now that our daughter is about 9 weeks old.  She sure is a snuggle… Continue reading

All-Time Classics Family 9

Aerissa Jean

As many of you know, we’ve welcomed our daughter into the world. She came on Halloween, which was unexpected, yet very much appreciated. She’ll have awesome birthday parties. I thought I’d just post up the basic information and annoucement. Syrana is been quite busy lately and when she’s not busy, posting is not high on… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 1

State Of The WoW Account

Seeing as how I haven’t logged into WoW since the first weekend of July and we’re tightening our budget in anticipation of our spawn’s arrival… I decided to cancel it.  For now. Things are very busy right now IRL.  I’m used to short breaks and hiatuses, but this is the longest I’ve gone.  I’m on… Continue reading

General 3

I Started A New…

I started a new alt blog for those who may be interested.  Ok, ok, so I started Yet Another Alt in WoW, too.  But this post is to tell you about the new blog. Remember how I said I wasn’t going to turn this into a mommy-to-be blog? Well, that’s why I ended up talking… Continue reading