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<i>Everlasting Affliction</i>
Everlasting Affliction

Abigore of Fear.Win has some questions burning in his shadowy soul.  Syrana promised to answer those questions, even if she is one of the last to answer them!

1.  What spec are you currently?

58/0/13 Affliction all the way baby, deep affliction.  Ok, maybe not “all the way” since I do have a few points in Destruction.  But we loves our affliction tree very much.

2.  How long have you used this spec and why did you choose it?

I've been affliction since day one.  Certainly there have been changes to that tree, but I've always reached the last tier there with some points in Destruction for Improved Shadow Bolt, Bane, and Ruin.

3.  What are you most unhappy with in your current spec?

Hmm, I'd have to say with how bloated the affliction tree is.  Some of the points that need to be spent to be effective as affliction seem to be…. a bit much.  Some of the talents don't appear to have enough oomph per point to put in it for all 5.  I'd also like to have something (even it if it had to be talented in the affliction tree) a bit more bursty for short fights.

4.  What spec will you be taking in 3.1?

I'll still be deep affliction.  I might move a few points around, but that's it.  I've always loved affliction, have always been affliction, and will likely always be affliction.  I am sort of looking forward to Lifetap becoming like an extra trinket though…

5.  If you plan on dual speccing, what will be your offspec?

I don't plan on dual speccing because I'm struggling to justify the benefit for the cost.  I will plan to dual spec my hybrid alts (when they get more play, but that should help them get more play).  If I decide to dual spec on Syrana…. I might have deep Destro as my offspec, perhaps for trash.  We'll see.

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  • Ohhhhhh excellent- i applaud you. I dont know anybody whos affliction- honestly- not one Neolithic soul.

    I myself, am in love with Deeeeeep Destructionnnnnnn- an i WILL be buying dual spec because i love the idea of turning into a Demon, and Felguards are great- its an intresting spec Demonology- although im considering Affliction because i neglect it- even since Orignal WoW- so i may take it up.

    Its another accesorie for me to play with :).

  • Great answers I saw that on the website but did not respond. I might, thus far all the responses I’ve seen have been from those who are already 80.

    I’m an Affliction Warlock. I read blogs/posts about each spec and Affliction definitely matches my playstyle. Although I still have a way to go, I don’t see myself being another spec although I imagine I will try the others out just to see how they are but… I’m in love with Affliction.

  • After toying around with the talent calculators I’m almost positive I’ll be main speccing as deep destruction now and offspeccing as meta/ruin. I can’t get a Felguard/Emberstorm build to work now that they’ve moved Molten Core from the top of Destruction to the bottom of Demonology. The bottom half of the Demo tree has so much bloat and it comes down to giving up crit, Molten Core or Decimation. Bastards!

  • @Kromus – I’d love to see you post up your answers too! I’ve seen more affliction warlocks since Wrath, but prior to that, not as many for raiding anyway. But, you have to play the spec you love or it’s no fun.

    @Moondancer – I’m glad you are enjoying affliction leveling up. I absolutely loved it! And you should post your answers too, no need to be 80 to answer! 😉

    @Fear/Abi – It’ll be interesting to see the final result when the patch goes live. I’m hoping affliction becomes less bloated, but ya never know. And it seems sort of odd how they are moving Molten Core… although, I’m not very familiar with it so maybe (maaaybe?) there’s a good reason to move it?

  • Meta/Ruin Warlocks use Shadowbolt as a primary nuke so I’ve only come up with 2 reasons to put it at the bottom of the Demo tree.

    1 – Molten Core procs will boost Soul Fires damage below 35% boss health when Decimation procs.. but having a talent that low in the tree for another talent that is only useful when targets are at 35% or less seems kinda iffy.

    2 – They want to complicate Demonology spell rotations, having us swap from Shadowbolt to Incinerate when Molten Core procs but without having points low enough in Destruction to get Emberstorm, Shadowbolt still hits harder.

    So yeah.. I don’t really understand it but perhaps there is a good reason and we’ll figure it out in 3.1


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