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Aly quickly scanned the people on the docks around her before veering off to the right of the Salty Sailor Tavern.  She worked her way through the crowd surrounding the auctioneers and was thankful to find the bank line almost non-existent.  The banker was a young Goblin female, who chatted casually while Aly withdrew a large backpack, clothing, and some other items.  Aly knew it was best to travel light, so she had learned how to take advantage of the banks throughout Azeroth.  It could be dangerous to travel with too much on her person, but it also raised too many suspicions to check into an Inn without any belongings to speak of.

She headed back to the Salty Sailor Tavern quickly, looking mildly relieved to see the same Goblin tending the bar as earlier.  After her encounter with Krizkix, she was so focused on getting checked in that she had forgotten to stop off at the bank.  As a quick cover, she had checked the light backpack she'd had on the boat with the bartender, saying she had forgotten her other pack on the loading dock.  Aly knew the Goblin may not have noticed or cared much about how much she traveled with, but there was no way anyone in the bar would believe she was checking in for over a week with practically nothing.

Details are always important, even if they are small, she said to herself.

“Alright, now I'm ready to check in!” She chuckled softly, shaking her head.

The bartender, who was also the innkeeper, shrugged.  “How long?”

Aly tilted her head and squinted her eyes up at the ceiling as though calculating in her head.  “Uhm, at least a week.  It depends, perhaps a smidge longer.”

The bartender ran his finger along a key rack on the back wall, finally stopping on a number.  He lifted the key off of the hook and slapped it down on the bar.  “Deposit of at least two night's worth,” he stared at her, “Miss,” he added as an afterthought.

“Oh! Yes! Yes of course.”  She carefully counted out three nights worth of rent and set it on the bar.  She slid the key towards her, but was stopped when the bartender placed a finger on the key, pinning it down.

“You look familiar,” was all he said as he stared at her.  The chatter in the bar had quieted down to a hushed hum.  It was far too quiet for Aly's taste, as she would prefer no one to hear their conversation.

“Oh, how flattering,” she smiled shyly, looking away, “but I, I think you are mistaken.”

The bartender leered at her, drumming his grubby fingers over the key.

Aly narrowed her eyes at him as she fished out a couple extra gold pieces and added it to her deposit.  The bartender grinned and let go of the key.  “Aye, Elf, I am mistaken, now that I got a better look.  Enjoy your stay.”

Once she was in her room, she locked the door and wedged a chair under the doorknob.  She was not going to take any chances here, especially since the bartender drew unwanted extra attention to her.  She kicked the table leg in frustration.  Now she would have to wait until tomorrow to check her messages, since it would look very odd to check them now.

“Stupid greedy goblin,” she muttered as she paced the room.  After a few minutes she calmed down and unpacked her bags.  Business was done for the day.  She decided it was quite unfortunate that she spent most of it traveling, but felt it warranted a relaxing bath and a good nights rest.

After the bath, Aly laid upon the bed, propping herself up against the headboard.  She pulled an envelope out of her traveling pack and stared at the orders it contained.  She couldn't remember a job that had such sketchy details.  The wear of travel caused her mind to drift off…

She had been enjoying a bit of free time in Winterspring when the message arrived.  Aly never stayed in one spot for too long, but had a circuit she traveled between assignments.  Her boss knew that route and knew exactly how to courier mail to reach her.  Sometimes it frightened her how well he could track her down.  But this one was different.  Aly had gotten used to receiving her orders through the various inns and actually had never had contact with her boss before.

Until this assignment.

She had received a message that ordered her to report to a specified location at a specified time.  She found that to be peculiar, but knew she was not in a position to second guess orders.  She'd quickly checked out and rushed off.  She hadn't been able to see his face, but she could feel his presence as she approached the meeting spot.  The envelope she now held in her hand was propped up against a tree.  Aly had opened it immediately and scanned the details it contained.

Assignment: Missing Person Retrieval

Young Sin'Dorei female, short brown hair, 5'11”, thin

Likely to be disorientated

Likely to be armed and dangerous – proficient with daggers

Find at all costs

Prefer to have returned alive, but proof will be necessary regardless

The orders had a portrait attached, the same as the copy she had given to Krizkix.  The last line had made her shiver.  She wasn't sure why, since killing did not bother her.  She supposed it was the ambivalence that bothered her.  Usually the orders were very clear as to what condition people were to be returned.  Well, usually missing people were to be returned alive.  It was the other types of orders that requested a different…. outcome.

It was as she turned to leave that she heard him.  A deep, powerful voice that came from no where, “Be careful with this one, Alynedarra.”

Her breath had caught in her throat.  She had not used her full first name in years.  Her heart thumped loudly in her chest.  How important was this assignment to require a hand off from her boss? And using her full name… it must be serious.  In fact, she did not know he even knew her as Alynedarra.  The whole thing felt odd, but she knew she could not abandon the assignment no matter how much her gut felt she needed to get far away from it and fast.  She had mulled over what little information she had and finally asked, “Who is the contractor?”


She bristled.  “I know I should not ask questions, but the orders usually indicate where to make my delivery.  Who is the contractor?”

“I don't know, I am not privy to that information,” the voice sounded uncertain.

“Who is the target, why is there no name?” Aly asked, feeling a bit nervous.

“I don't know.  I can only say… this order came from someone wealthy as there has already been an advance paid.  You will find more than enough gold to buy your information and travel in your bank account.”  And with that, the presence she felt was no more.

Aly had decided to look at this assignment as a challenge, since most of her orders tended to be cut and dry.  She smirked.  Well, this woman is running from someone or something that doesn't want her to get far. Aly tapped her chin in thought.  She'll be looking to hide and get a new identity.  I better start in the best place to lose one self… Booty Bay.  Anyone and everyone that is trying to escape something passes through there eventually. Or so she thought.

* * *

** Please note that some of the events included in RP pieces are based upon actual in-game role play.  Also, some of the events and/or character names may have been altered during the transition from in-game RP to story formation. **

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  • Oh a beautiful read– i wanted to read this first, but now im going to go back and read the rest–

    It was gripping, and very intresting, you describe things such as moods so well!

  • Ah ha!! A bounty hunter…I knew it….now will she turn her in when she finds her…?? The plot is beginning to thicken…I got goose bumps…lol

  • The questions are just rolling around in my head. I hope Aly can find some answers and enlighten us. More, more, more!

  • @Faulsey – Oh good, I’m glad that worked 😀

    @Kromus – Thank you! I hope you enjoy going back and reading the other parts as well.

    @KitnKat – “now will she turn her in when she finds her” Interesting that you said ‘when’… maybe it’s ‘if’ she finds her! 😉

    @Keli – Share those questions woman! The questions may help me fine tune where I’m headed.


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