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I thought I would grace you with my presence since Syrana is taking a short hiatus and removing the sick germs from herself. What have I been up to? I bet everyone is waiting with anticipation.

Last I posted about WoW was when Syrana asked me to answer a few questions. One of those questions was about what I wanted to accomplish in 2010. I basically said that I wanted to get both the Salty and Chef titles. Looking at what I had left, Chef should be simple to grab first. It turns out that I got Salty first. I really didn't spend a lot of time trying to catch that rare fish. I usually just logged in on my laptop during football games on Sunday and fished while I watched. I'd say it was probably 4-5 hours total until I finally caught that Dark Herring in Howling Fjord. I've read comments from people who've taken almost 40 hours to catch a rare fish. Crazy. Sadly, I still haven't got the Chef title yet, but I really haven't tried. I did take a quick WoW break for a few weeks to play other games.

The other games I played during this time were Mass Effect 2 (which I finished and posted about), Eve Online, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (bought it on Xbox Originals), Heavy Rain, and..I hate to admit it..even some Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. This doesn't include a bunch of games from Gamefly that I tried like Prototype, Halo 3: ODST, Guitar Hero 5, Infamous, and others. I also did some more genealogy research, which always takes up some time. Nothing major was found, but I did organize a bunch of my source information and scan a bunch of old documents and photos, which is good for future research. Exciting stuff.

Now that I'm back to playing WoW a bit more, I've been trying to level up some alts that I've had for awhile. Liviya, my Night Elf rogue, on Eitrigg is one of them. After I transferred my Alliance off of Eitrigg to another server, I had none left. It turns out my father-in-law is playing Alliance more often over there, so I created one to give him someone to play with here and there. She is currently at level 41 and spec'd Subtlety since I dabble in BGs while I level. I also have a level 46 Human Warrior that is mainly my bank alt for my Level 80 Hunter, Gertbee. Her professions are Enchanting and Tailoring so I can DE all the gear he gets, etc. Unfortunately, now I'm getting gear that is too high for me to DE. I finally got her professions up to 300, but now I need to hit 50 so I can learn the next level. So, I'm trying to do that. And then with my 80 Hunter, I'm just mainly doing the Tournament dailies so I can get my rep up. I also jump onto Sideshow for a few hours and do a few things on him. I am an officer over there and there are some good people, so I can't just completely not play.

Yesterday I jumped onto Gertbee to see when the next Wintergrasp was since I just needed 30 more Stone Keeper's Shards until I hit 300 so I could buy a Black War Mammoth. When I logged in, as always, the battle was in progress. Fortunately, it looks like it just started. I jumped in, grabbed my quests, and ran towards the fortress since we were attacking. Less than 5 minutes later we were in the door as I got [Within Our Grasp]. Talk about luck. It was actually amazing that I even finished some of my WG dailies since we handled it so fast.

Jumping between these keeps me interested and keeps me from getting too bored. Plus, a good injection of other games and hobbies keeps me busy. Anything exciting you've been playing?

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  • I had also taken a break from wWoW for a few weeks myself. I recently acquired an Xbox 360 and Modern Warfare 2. It totally devoured my gaming time (and the rest of my time too).

    Congrats on your Salty title, told ya the herring wouldn’t be too hard to catch. 🙂

  • Not playing anything new until Tuesday. And then, WoW will take a back seat to my one true love: Final Fantasy. ^_^


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