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What is it with me and posting multiple parts lately? Well, with BlizzCon, there's no way I could write just one post to cover it all.  Ok, so that's a lie.  There are 2 ways:

1- Use thousands and thousands of words that would take days to read


2 – Use one word: Epic.

Since both ways are such extremes, we'll go for bite-sized pieces.

Ideal vs. Real

Remember how prior to BlizzCon I shared with you my ideal itinerary?  Yeah, so, it was practically impossible to attend all the panels I wanted to.  But you knew that would happen, didn't you!

Here's how it really went down:


  • Arrived in California
  • Checked into our hotel
  • Got badges and goodybags
  • Ate at IHOP
  • Slept

Fridayparking lot line day1

  • Stood in a loooong line to get in
  • Twittered and attempted to twitter while in said line
  • Attended the Opening Ceremony
  • Attended the WoW Preview Panel
  • Ate Con food
  • Attended The Guild Panel
  • Got loot from BlizzCon Store
  • Met cast of The Guild briefly during signing
  • Attended the Twisted Nether Blogcast (TNB) meet up


  • Stood in a shorter line
  • Attended the Breaking into Gaming Panel
  • Attended the WoW Systems/PvP Panel
  • Experienced In N Out
  • Tried to check out the Goblin/Worgen demos (looong lines), then tried to sit in on the 2nd Class, Items, and Professions Panel (was super packed).  Ended up going back to the hotel for a few hours to chillax.
  • Attended the Closing Ceremony with L80ETC and Ozzy
  • Hung out with bloggers/twitterati

Much different schedule, huh?

I had to make some sacrifices.  As much as I'd heard about the lines and advice and whatnot… it's just not the same unless you see it and experience it for yourself.  I certainly learned a few things to make the next one smoother.  But yeah, we just ended up kind of going with the flow.

So what else is there for me to talk about? Lots of other people have posted a ton of information, right?  Sure, but not with the S&S flavor.  Here's what can be expected in the coming days:

  • Thoughts, comments, whathaveyou on the panels we attended
  • Warlock Changes
  • Guild Leveling Changes
  • New Races
  • New Old Content
  • Socialization
  • How I'd Con Next Year

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  • Glad you had a great time and met lots of peeps. The pic posted says parking lot line day 1. I don’t see no stinking line! rotfl Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures at Blizzcon!

  • @Jong – Thanks and we did 🙂

    @Abi – Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I did during them!

    @Keli – It was an absolute blast. Hahaha, actually that is a line. It doesn’t look like it from the angle of the pic, but the line wraps/zigzags throughout the parking lot. Facing how we did with the pic, it just looks like a mass crowd. We were in that line for hours, barely made the opening ceremony!

    @Sprink – Thanks! I’m glad you have enjoyed the updates. I might even do a “tweets” post so those that read here but don’t follow me on twitter can see what craziness I was babbling. hehe

  • Holy cow…that’s a heck of a line. I don’t think I’d have the patience to stand in it.

    I’m glad you had a great time…like Sprink, I attended Blizzcon vicariously through you.


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