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Of course we had to get some BlizzCon loot, right?  The loot drops started with the goody bags.  Now, this was our first BlizzCon, so I don't know as well as others how this year's swag bag compares to the BlizzCon's of past… but it sounded like this year's was a little light.

goodybaglootThe main two items in the goody bag are pictured above: Raynor nOObz figurine and a StarCraft themed authenticator.  We'd seen these in the “preview” prior to BlizzCon and figured there would be more stuff.  However, there really wasn't anything else.  There was a bottle of handsanitizer with a BlizzCon label and lots of ads. [EDIT: I totally forgot to mention Grunty.  /facepalm]

I'm not sure what Sideshow and I are going to do with yet 2 more authenticators.  I think we are going to have to have another contest or donate them to someone else's giveaway or something.  We don't need this many!

The cool thing about Raynor though, is that it is exclusive to the goody bag.  That's right, no more will be produced of this particular one.  At BlizzCon they were selling several pre-designed ones as well as blank ones that you can design yourself.  So, if you didn't go to BlizzCon and you really want the Raynor one, you'll need to check eBay.

Sideshow and I also hit up the BlizzCon store.  I'm not sure if I missed some cool merchandise (quite likely) but we did get a few things.  I just had to get both plushy murlocs, Murky and Lurky.  Aren't they adorable?

baby murlocsWe also purchased the set of 3 cinematic posters.  They are too large for me to take pics of at this time, plus, they need frames yet.  I wish I'd gotten a shirt or two, since BlizzCon was the only place they'd be available for purchase.  There was also some other murloc pet thingamajig, but it was sold out. 🙁

The other 2 items I bought I cannot reveal on here yet, because they are yet to be given to my parents.  I don't want to spoil any surprises!  But, I'll be sure to share that after I get a chance to see them.

In hindsight, I wish I would have bought more stuff.  It would have been different if I could have thoroughly perused what was available without holding up the line.  Unfortunately, we were unable to take advantage of the pre-con store ordering since it had to be through the account that purchased the tickets.  (A guildie did the initial purchase for us.)  Bag space was another concern… how to get everything home! I had packed an extra carry on bag just for this purpose, which worked out well.

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  • My fiancee got the Blizzcon shirt and I got the “Ahhh Fresh MEAT” shirt with the Butcher on it. That dude terrified me in my youth.

  • Those murlocs are awesome!

    I definitely plan on trying to attend Blizzcon next year. It always comes at the worst possible times financially for me lol.

  • @Darr – Awesome. I wanted to get the goblin shirt. I don’t really have a good excuse as to why I did not get them.

    @Sprink – Oh good call! I should have made some before we left. 😀

    @Abi – I had fun explaining to a coworker what a murloc was (when asked what I bought while on vaca)… thank goodness I took a picture lol And yes! You totally should go to BlizzCon next year. We’re planning on it (and want to start setting aside funds now)… even if we can’t get tickets again because the meetups were really the best part. 🙂

  • That’s mainly what I’m interested in are the blogger meetups, etc., but I’d still like to attend the chaos at least once lol.


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