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Not to be false advertising, but this is more of an impression of some of the old Azeroth changes, rather than anything beyond 80. I have actually not yet quested beyond 80 or even started new races. It's just going to be way too busy this week for those, so I'm waiting on them. So, I've been leveling up some new (and old) characters through the new quest lines.

Western Plaguelands

Rebuilding Andorhal
I was very impressed with the new WPL quests. I took my Night Elf Druid through it this weekend. I especially liked the line through Andorhal. It seems that both factions would have a similar quest line since each half seems to have  the same type of NPCs. The Alliance side had you fighting the Horde and Scourge for the city. You even get to kill previous bosses/elites like Rattlegore and Araj the Summoner.

The rest of the zone is pretty well done, also. It flows very nicely and the addition of flight paths is great (as it is with all zones now.)

Stonetalon Mountains

I did the STM quests on my new Troll Mage. I really liked this area since you would do a few quests and  then get a promotion in Overlord Krom'gar's army. With every promotion, you can buy a new piece of gear from his quartermaster. Most of this epic quest line is just normal killing of Alliance and other random NPCs, but towards the end there is a few major quests involving some grim subject matter and infighting between members of the Horde. In the end, without giving it away, it was pretty intense and it actually makes Garrosh Hellscream seem like less of an ass. Props to Blizzard on that quest line.

More posts will come as I play with more of the new content and additions.

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