WTA, you are wondering? Want To Adopt, of course!  Seriously, the orphan NPCs are adorable.  Yes, even the little Orc boy.  He's so ugly he's cute, like an orangutan.  The cutest of them all has got to be the little Draenei girl though.  She's is absolutely delightful.  I mean, I'm Horde and I'd still be willing to adopt that cutie patootie.  But, Blizzard, I ask you this… where are the orphans of the other races? I bet you little Tauren children are adorable.

Children's Week – I Get a Pet, But Can't Keep the Orphan

I've enjoyed Children's Week in the past.  It was fun taking them around to see landmark sights and influential NPCs.  I'm kind of disappointed in the change to the Blood Elf girl's quest.  I realize M'uru is no longer in Silvermoon, but the impact of her visit to the Caverns of Time just isn't the same without the encounter with M'uru.  I'm glad I was able to experience it that way two years ago.

Holy crap, two years ago was the last time I participated in this event?

Yep, last year around this time I was taking a break.  Darn it all, or I'd be able to get Veteran Nanny on my hunter this year!  Ah well, there's always next year.

I'm Too Young to be a Matron

Now, I may love the holiday itself and the acquisition of 2 pets, but I'm not a fan of the achievements associated with Children's Week.  I'm glad they changed hotfixed Daily Chores, since a Simple Re-request previously kept bugging out and they were of the same principle.  Plus, expecting someone to play 5 days in a row of a week long holiday event is a bit much.  (Protip: Your orphan does not need to be out while you “do” 5 dailies, only when you “complete” (read: Turn In) 5 dailies.)

With that being said, I've completed a few of the achievements, but am skipping School of Hard Knocks.  I'm a caster.  I don't last long trying to carry flags.  I don't get to be close to the opposite side's flag carrier either.  And, you know, it just doesn't matter that much to me.  I already know I'm not going to be able to complete What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been this year.

And consider this… all the controversy about Shake Your Bunny-Maker, but where are the people that have an issue with taking orphan children out onto the battlefield?  I don't have a problem, just saying I find it interesting that violence related themes tend to be seen as ok while sexual ones do not.  Really, my issue is that an achievement in a battleground should not be negatively affecting the intended objective of the battleground.

Also, even though I don't actively RP my characters in game anymore (not being on an RP server anymore makes that a tad difficult anyhow), Matron is not a fitting title for Syrana.  Oh goodness no!

Maagrom, we don't gnaw on our sister...
Maagrom, we don't gnaw on our sister...

Let's Show Them a Good Time

I am hosting a mini-social event for my guildies (and anyone that wants to roll an alt to drop by!) Monday evening.  That'll be 8pm server on Eitrigg.  We're going to take our orphans to the racetrack in Shimmering Flats.  We'll be piggin' out on sweets, watching the Gnomes race, racing (and crashing) our own cars, and just having a good time!

And Don't Forget…

If you haven't checked out the Children's Week Charity Auction organized and hosted by Brigwyn of The Hunting Lodge, do so!  Even if you don't want to bid on any of the item's, you can still help by donating to Child's Play Charity.  But hey, I know all of you are dying to get ahold of one of those fan club shirts I made, right? /nudge That's right, it's up for auction!


If you are looking for a guide to completing the Children's Week Quests, check here.

If you are looking for a guide to completing the Children's Week Achievements, check here.

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  • I was wondering where all the dwarven orphans were…then I remembered we devour our weak.
    As for the gnomish orphans, one word :Gnomeregan.
    Tauren orphans are on their walk-a-bout.
    And trolls? Don’t get me started on trolls.

  • I too totally adore my orphans. When I saw the Draenei one last year, I fully intended to have an Alliance toon leveled to Outland so that I could drag one around with me for a week. Alas, it didn’t happen.

    As for getting all pets on one toon – oy. I have had a tendency of starting alts and going gung-ho on them. Hence, my hunter has the spirit of competition, my rogue has Chuck and the CW pets from last year, and my mage has all the BRD quest-reward pets. (Smolderweb spider, worg pup.) WTB a way to trade pets between toons on any one account.

  • I’m totally waiting for the undead children. What? You think no children died and were brought back as scourge? Lies!

    I always wondered why the human orphan has such massive feet.

  • @Davlin – I didn’t think the Dwarf orphans were missing due to them being devoured…. I just thought it was due to a lack of women. 😉

    @T-Sonn – I did get to do the Alliance Children’s Week quests this year! First time for me! 🙂 And that is a very good point… I wish there were a few more “account bound” items. Switching mains, clearing out alts… pets certainly are something I’d like to be able to move around.

    @Sideshow – I’m not sure about the huge feet.. I hadn’t noticed! lol As for Undead children.. hmm >.> I think those are just called creepy. Um, no offense… 😛

    @logtar – I am glad there are the gruntlings/squires through the Argent Tournament… I just wish there were more to choose from. Or more to adopt… I mean, let’s put them to work! 😉

  • @ Syrana…its true. I just wanted to try and get everyone not to notice by saying something crazy like Devoured…
    lfdwarfchick then g2g.


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