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loadingscreen_multirace1Since there was a significant gap between this segment and previous parts of this series, I understand if you need a quick refresher.

Part One – Introduction

Part Two – The (Playable) Races

Alright, back? Ready to have some fun and discussion? Good.  Now let's take a look at class stereotypes… 


Tracker, lazy, noob, outdoorsy, love nature, love animals (companions at least), skinner, trapper, good shot, loner


Shape shifter, outdoorsy, respect nature, in tune with plants and animals, good, jack of all trades, versatile


Respect nature and the elements, have visions, totemic, good, wise, healer, elder, ritualistic


Spell weaver, elemental/arcane magic, intelligent, studious, dangerous, powerful, adviser


Spell weavers dark magic, intelligent, evil, obsessed with demons, Burning Legion connections, soul stealer, ritualistic


Holy/Disc – Good, healer, survivability, blessed, altruistic, intelligent, religious, ritualistic, follower of the Light, moral

Shadow – Evil, corrupted, intelligent, ritualistic, self-serving, vengeful


Good, protector, Knight, follower of the Light, moral, ethical, powerful, adviser, altruistic, healer


Good, strong, brutal, protector, fighter, soldier, average intelligence, defender


Evil, slight of hand, trickster, sneaky, deadly, knowledge of poisons, jumpy (in PvP, you know what I'm talkin' about!), quick, fearless, loner

Death Knight:

Evil, corrupted, deadly, strong, noob, mindless, overpowered, knowledge of diseases

Remember, these stereotypes can be derived from a character OR player perspective.  Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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  • Hmmm I think I’d like to think of my Hunter as resourceful rather than lazy.
    I never thought of my baby Priest as Evil and Corrupt o_O I may have to respec her…:D

    As always love the post…

  • @KitnKat – I like to think of my hunter as resourceful too 🙂 I’ve heard some players refer to players of hunters as lazy… as in viewing it as an easy class to level. Although, in my opinion, it may be easy to level and play, but difficult to master… just like all the classes.

    And by no means are these stereotypes set in stone or even accurate. For me, it’s more about looking at the process of how/why we think certain things about players and characters based on who/how they play.

  • This is a more personal one, but for Shaman?


    Gameplay wise, my Shammy does Windfury/Flametongue on her weapons. In my head? She’s all Flametongue… she has a great affinity for fire, and it shows in how she fights (engineering – she uses her control of fire to augment explosions), flametongue weapons, even her personality is “fiery” – quick to anger and get excited.

  • Under Death Knight, can we add “see; Hunter”? I swear they’re the new Huntards.



    I dread pugging with DK’s.

  • Under Warlocks: Cocky, territorial,loner.

    Most warlocks I know (including myself) HATE to pug or group with another warlock. It’s a territorial thing.

    I know a lot of cocky Warlocks. Think they know how to play all other classes and whine because we soooo under powered. If you learn to play the Warlock class correctly, you’ll top the DPS charts every time and you’ll have people begging for you to come with them in instance runs because you know your crap.

    Sorry I had to give a little … weird support/truth to the Warlock class.

  • @Rosalyne – No problem. I didn’t exactly list the most positive qualities 😛 I think a lot of classes experience the territorial nature when it comes to grouping. I know I get territorial too but I think some of it is from having grouped with quite a few warlocks that really didn’t seem very familiar with the class mechanics, etc and would either complain or not would not seem receptive to some pointers/resources.

    Territorial/competition-wise seems to be even worse when you’re both them same spec! 😛


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