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loadingscreen_multirace11Last week we had the Intro to this little series.  Today, I'd like for us to take a look at the stereotypes out there for the playable races in WoW.  I must limit it to playable because it would be quite the daunting task to encompass every single race within Warcraft.

Although, maybe we could look at some of them down the road? /ponder

Here I give to you a list of player race stereotypes (good and/or bad).  These can be formulated through role playing, lore, playing experience, relation to real world (out of character) things, whathaveyou.  Please feel free to add any you think I missed (or discuss what I list) in the comments!  And remember, most of all, to have fun with this series! 🙂


Orcs: Blood-thirsty, brutal, warriors, skilled with axes, dumb, thick skinned, ugly, smelly, simple, gifted shamans, no anger management control, stout, lawless, primitive, clans

Trolls: Slow, Jamaican, voodoo users, witchdoctors, lanky, tall, cannibalistic, crazy, threatening, lawless, tribal, cunning, aggressive, hostile

Tauren: Slow, cow like, earth and nature worshippers, strong, peaceful, nomadic, simple, vegetarian, story tellers, tribal

Undead: Evil, smelly, untrustworthy, vengeful, zombies, mindless, no feelings, cannibalistic, sneaky, lawless, outcasts, faithless

Blood Elves: Pretencious, snobby, high society, orphans, magic addiction, rich, pampered, intelligent, educated, traitors, good hearing, good eye sight


Humans: Rulers, intelligent, ruthless, manipulative, diplomatic, educated, explorers, builders, arrogant, proud, order, political, betrayers

Gnomes: Tiny, sneaky, untrustworthy, intelligent, mechanically inclined, inventors, eccentric

Dwarves: Alcoholics, quick tempered, stout, war driven, miners, beards (male and female), gryphon handlers, dumb, earthen, Scottish(?)

Night Elves: Nature and moon worship, elegant, sneaky, hunters, intelligent, bouncy, good hearing, good eye sight, rangers, protectors

Draenei: Lost, space goats, alien, healers, resilient, heroic, adaptive, Russian, affinity for magic, religiousness (Holy Light of Creation, Naaru), intelligent

Next time we'll take a look at classes (regardless of race) and some of the stereotypes that are attached to them.

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  • @Darraxus – How about Blood Elves are metrosexual? 😉

    @Larisa – Not all Gnomes dear, but being a committed Hordie, them Gnomes (especially the rogue ones) are sneaky and untrustworthy. 😛

  • @Anea – also given to the Night Elves. Big ears for one 😛 But especially regarding elven rangers, such as Vareesa, lore talks about her keen eye sight and superb hearing.

  • I am dying to see the “stereo typical” posts on Warlocks. I have been told countless times that I shouldn’t play a Warlock because I am too helping and kind. I have to state that most of the Warlocks I have run into, with the expect of two Warlocks and both becoming rather good friends of mine, are complete and utterly mean! But, from the way I have been treated before in instances, I would dare to say I understand why!

    I must say that Gnomes are annoying as hell, but they would be the first I would roll on the Alliance just because I want to annoy someone else.

    And we all know that’s why Gnomes were played in the first place…

  • Here’s a stereotype for you, all Tauren Females are played by actual females, because no man would choose to play a female tauren (ugly etc).

    But by god I love their hips 😀

  • @Rosalyne – The class ones are definitely going to be interesting and I will certainly need comment feedback and discussion for those! Even with specs for some classes… it’s not going to be a short post. And I hear ya, definitely. I like to think I’m nice 😉 and helpful, but man, I’ve met some doozy ‘locks in my day that were not RPing. RPing an evil mean warlock is one thing….

    @Pangoria – Good call! I don’t know many guys that have a female Tauren… Windpaw is the only one I can think of that does, off the top of my head.

  • @Pangoria – The only female taurens I know are men. That said, I play Alli. A few RL friends of mine are horde on Azgalor and they play female tauren beacause “males take up too much space on the screen.” LOL!

  • @Kaitaa – The male Tauren are incredibly huge! Or at least, that’s how it seems… like it seems as though Tauren run really slow even though they are the same speed.


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