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I know I can't be the only one that has dreams that incorporate gaming elements or dreams about games.  The game I find sneaking into my subconscious the most is World of Warcraft.  I suppose it doesn't help that I often listen to the soundtracks while falling asleep.  (The Eversong Woods music with the cellos and haunting voices is super relaxing.)

I previously shared a very whacked out dream that involved Samodean, Chris Metzen, and a live action zombie demo.  I had a LOT of details to share since I wrote it all down as soon as I could after waking up.

More commonly I remember snippets, if that.  What I've noticed more lately is that waking up is part of a quest chain.

I've had dreams where hitting the snooze button is a repeatable quest.

I've also had dreams that the “A” button was the snooze button.

Dreams are weird.  And yes, that's a scientific term.

Ya know, I think this is why I love to slow time down when my Sims are sleeping.  Usually the game will auto-speed up time when the entire household is asleep.  I mean, they are sleeping, you don't have anything to manage after all.  But, I like to slow it down just to watch the dream bubbles.


I never realized just how creepy that was before.

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  • I’ve rarely been “fortunate” enough to have the video game world seem into my dream world. I remember while younger a dream where Donkey Kong ran by me but that is mostly it.

    It’s good to see you again, Syrana!

  • As a result of Sprink and I’s addiction to the 360, last night I had a dream where I was running through a world like Final Fantasy XIII but I was headshot-ing all the enemies from a distance as per Modern Warfare 2.

    Funny thing is, the things/people I was shooting weren’t from any game I know of.

  • When I dream about WoW, it’s usually something background that I don’t pay that much attention to these days but it definitely happens.


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