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Review: Endless Space

If only my bank account was an endless space. This is where I complain (really, cheer) about Steam’s Holiday Sale. It feels like I’ve doubled my Steam library in the last week (and decreased my bank account in the process.) Though, even thought I did buy a lot of games, I’ve really only spent as much as I would have on a AAA title, so like $60 or so.

One of the games I bought that I had previously never heard of was Endless Space. From the description it sounded like something I’d like.

This galaxy is ancient, and its first intelligent life was the civilization we call the Endless. Long before our eyes gazed upon the stars they flew between them, though all that remains of this people is what we call Dust. A substance found scattered or in forgotten temples, it once gave powers to admirals and galactic governors. The galaxy will belong to the faction that can take control of the Dust and uncover its secrets…

Endless Space

Endless Space is a 4X turn-based strategy game. For some reason I get into space-related games, but I have yet to find something I really enjoy. I dabbled in EvE Online, but due to it’s MMO nature (and famously steep learning curve) I didn’t get too far into it. I liked parts of the space stage of Spore. It was on the right track, just lacking a bit.

So, I downloaded it on a whim for like $6 or something. Well, so far I’ve put like 6 hours into it. My best description is it’s like playing Civilization but in space, since it’s a 4X turn-based strategy game. I don’t really like real-time strategy games like Starcraft. I much more enjoy taking my time and figuring things out instead of being forced to do something in real-time. At first start it seems really complicated with all of the customization options, but once you get into it and follow some of the tutorials you can start diving into the massive amount of game play.

I got it during a flash sale on Steam, but it’s still 50% off now – $14.99 for the normal version and $17.49 for the “Emperor Edition.” I definitely recommend it if you like Civilization games and space games.

Trailer below. Even though it says “Mac Release Trailer” it’s the same as the PC version.



  • Shary
    Jan 10, 2013 2:19 pm

    My boyfriend got some pretty neat games on Steam’s holiday sale. I feel like they’re always doing them during times where money could be better spent. Inconvenient sales… Seems to always be worth it though, right?

    • Sideshow
      Jan 10, 2013 2:31 pm

      Definitely. Even though I spent a bit more than I should have (oops), a few games easily made up for it.