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Yes, you could say this title is a tribute to the trolls.  /shrug  I never did quite understand that as a viable comment post… but I digress.

First here, really means.. well, first here.  It's been years since my husband or I blogged and now… well, now I've got that blog itch again.  I'd mostly like to blame it on my friend, Deekow.

Anyway, back to what kept running in my mind as a post when I woke up this morning!  It's no secret that my hubby and I are avid gamers and fans of this one game in particular…. World of Warcraft.  (Maybe you've heard of it? /giggle)  Well, I wanted to take a moment and not only shout my appreciation for this game across the interwebz, but also to recognize how cool it is when you have other family members to share it with.

Very recently we were able to coerce my mother into rolling a character.  We had hoped she and my father (who also rolled a toon) would enjoy it and perhaps continue to play it after our visit over the Thanksgiving holiday.  My parents have known of WoW and how much we enjoy it for a few years, but never really got a true taste of the wonderful world of Azeroth.  It has been absolutely great because my mom has continued to play it and has been online nearly every evening.

This makes it so beautiful because:

1- We talk more often as we can chat while playing rather than being on the phone.

2- We are able to play and quest together.

3- We can share a common language and understanding when I'm asked how my characters are doing.

4- I can help her learn the game and share in her excitement and wonder of it all.

Plus, how epic is it to be on the phone with your parents and hear one of them say, “Well, I'm dead in the woods somewhere,” or “I told (so-n-so) not to call right now because I'm killing trolls.”  It's music to my ears!  We've grouped up on a couple of my alts to do some quests and run a few instances so far.  And you just don't know (or maybe you?) how awesome it is to have someone you've introduced to the game ask if you need help with a quest.  Maybe that piece is a bit more about the joy of knowing there's another nice and helpful member of the WoW community rather than yet another “lolzl2playnoob” joining the ranks of grieferdom.

In parting, I leave you with this… because as we all know… SS (screenshot, for those of you not familiar with WoWlingo) or it didn't happen.

Mother and Daughter - Pixelated

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We are a family of gamers. Mom (Darcy/Syrana) and Dad (Brian/Sideshow) have been gaming for as long as they can remember back when you only had a joystick to use and saved your games to cassette tapes.

They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

Starting in 2010, two more gamers came along (now known as Princess Boo and Mr. X) and they are now old enough where they both enjoy playing games and watching others play games. They are both excited to have others to watch them play their favorite games. Come along with us and let's enjoy these games together!