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Quick note – this is intended to be amusing even if it is true…. and it's Friday.

1.  Frequent AFKs for bio breaks.  Sometimes 30 minutes apart, sometimes 45…sometimes an hour.. sometimes 15 minutes.

2.  AFKs for food.  Frequent snacks are a must.  Sometimes leaving the house is required to get what I'm seeking.

3.  AFKs for water.  I drink lots of water now.  No more nectar of the gods (aka Mountain Dew), except on a rare occassion.

4.  AFKs to stretch.  Things ache and staying in one position too long is unbearable now.  Good-bye 8 hour gaming marathons.

5.  Frequently getting lost.  What was I doing? Where am I? What game is this? Pregnancy brain results in confusion and being easily distracted.

6.  Forgetting I'm logged in while alt-tabbed to baby sites.  (What is with the compulsion to read about everything that might go wrong?!

7.  The desire to farm heirloom items for baby IRL.  Well, at least the desire to acquire mats and to craft items for baby.  (Unfortunately, my crocheting skill level is veryvery low.  Baby might just get a washcloth instead of a blanket.)

8.  The inability to stay awake past 10:30pm on any given night, especially Friday night.

9.  Thinking of first words to teach baby, such as “zugzug.”

10.  Logging into WoW to give my parents updates on how the pregnancy is going.  Typing is less tiring than talking on the phone…. and easier to escape to the bathroom!

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Sharing is caring!


  • Soo true and soo funny! A new set of challenges await you once you have gained the baby achievement.

  • I always forget what I’m doing.

    … maybe…?

    Nope. I think it’s just me. ^_^ And I can totally support teaching the little Hordie-to-be works like ‘zugzug’, ‘afk’ and ‘for the Horde’.

  • @Bryterside – It’s on the list of “maybes” 😛

    @Softi – That’s.. not comforting 😛

    @Starla Rae – It’ll be fun to see what happens when trying to play and a stray baby hand smacks the keyboard and/or mouse. “Oops, baby flagged me again!”

    @Sprink – Haha, this is REAL bad at times. Oh, and we must also teach he/she to say “what would you ask of death” and … although it’s not Horde-esque… “My, you’re a tall one!” xD

  • My wife went through a lot of the same things, just not gaming. But the biggest was her looking at what could go wrong. I think the first three months she was convinced that she was having a tubal pregnancy. But softi is right. I would say that the last 2-3 months was the worst for my wife. And me too.

  • Look on the bright side. In about 10 years you’ll have someone who can farm you gold and do dailies while you do mommy-like things. Or level your alts!

    *ponders adoption*

  • @tyrsalt – I was pretty anxious and afraid something would go wrong in the beginning. Getting past that 12 week mark really lifted a weight off my shoulders and mind! And I can imagine.. if I’m miserable… I’m prolly makin my hubby miserable too. 😛

    @Abi – That is a very good point! I could create my own little operation here…. hmm… 😉

  • @Abi @Syrana: I have a couple in my guild, who often bring their 5 yo son’s alt into the holiday achievements. They’ve used the questing to teach him reading, grinding to enforce counting skills (go farm 100 cloth), even basic money skills..

    Gotta watchout if you get a group invite from him, cuz he may be inside some instance, dead running around as a ghost.
    .-= Elkagorasa’s last post: Shared Topic: Helping New Players =-.

  • @Elkagorasa – That’s awesome. I can definitely see using it as fun and education… and I’m sure this will be a 3rd generation gamer/WoWer. 🙂


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