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Previously I posted up a list of some gaming goals I want to accomplish by December 31, 2009.  Well, we're just a few days into February and we've got one done and an update on a couple others.  Plus, I have a little story about why completing the Wrathgate questline the second time was not as awesome as the first time.  (I know, sounds impossible, right?!)

Gaming Goals Update

I know I have already given a mini-update about Syrana reaching expert fishing, but I'm still amazed I have already gotten this one completed.  I thought this would take most of the year, to be honest.

Worth every copper, imo.
Worth every copper, imo.

On my quest to collect 50 pets in order to receive Stinker (to then only work towards 75 pets to get the Fawn…) I have reached 45 pets.  #45 is very special to me.  He's cute, he can fly, he squeaks, and he was expensive.  This dear little dark whelpling cost me 1200 gold on the Auction House, but I just couldn't resist.  I didn't feel like taking the time to play with the RNG for him to drop and I hadn't seen him listed on the Auction House before.

Now, Syrana is still shy of level 79, but Alynedarra, my hunter, has gotten about halfway through level 76!  Which brings us to the next piece…


For those of you have done the Wrathgate questline, you know it is epic-ly awesome.  For those of you who have not completed it yet, you may want to go do it NOW.  I would put a spoiler warning at this point, but not sure that's necessary anymore.  I know there are still people who haven't completed this questline, but I'm sure they've heard about it by now.  If not, what I'm about to share isn't really going to spoil it for you.  And maybe, just maybe, it will be helpful.

Ohh when the weather outside is frightful~
Ohh when the weather outside is frightful~

The first time I completed this questline was on Syrana alongside Sideshow.  Things worked out well.  We loved the cinematic, we loved the scene in Thrall's chamber, and we waited patiently with Thrall and Sylvanas before attempting to reclaim Undercity.  The battle was epic and screwed up our high damage score addons, but it was a blast.

Last night, I took Alynedarra through the last steps to Wrathgate.  I was looking forward to such an epic quest again.  I watched the cinematic all the way through again and headed off to phased Orgrimmar to speak with Thrall.  I waited for the scene there to complete before speaking with him.  I take the portal to just outside of Undercity and announce to Vol'jin that I have arrived and am reporting for duty.  He instructs me to aid Thrall and Sylvanas in the retaking of Undercity.  I take note that the top of my screen indicates they have control of the inner sanctum.

So, I ride through the courtyard – no mobs.  I ride to the elevator – still safe.  I get to the Trade District – Horde guards to be seen, but no mobs.  As I head to the outer circle, I receive my “flag” indicating I'm part of the battle and my MASSIVE buffs from Thrall and Sylvanas.  But I don't see them anywhere.

I see nothing but level 75 elites roaming the halls.  I start battling, trying to fight my way to them.  Then it gets bad.  I get out of range of Thrall and Sylvanas (which I still couldn't spot) and lose the flag and buffs.  I die.

So I corpse run and can't see if there are any mobs around me while I'm a ghost in there.  I rez.  I immediately die as I'm surrounded.  Ooookay.  Corpse run again and go to the outer canal.  I duck into a little vendor stall and move close to the wall opposite of where I died.  Success, or so I thought.  I rezzed and am killed quickly by a patrol.

It then goes from bad to worse.

The information up top indicates the battle has moved into the Royal Quarter.  I am still many corpse jumps away from there.  I try to rez and run… trying to drop my body closer to my destination.  Well, those abominations and their stupid “Get over here” chains yank me back farther than where my last death spot was.  They just put my progress into the negative in a matter of seconds.  Then I try to spirit rez and take a different approach.  What that approach is, I hadn't a clue.

This is when it got REALLY bad.  I rode into the Trade District and was killed by an abomination that was chillin' where the cook usually is.  He used his gogogadget chain to get me when I was near the bank.  Bastard.  But still I try.  I'm not a quitter, dammit!  Until my durability reached 0%.  OMG, yes.  I have not seen that happen in quite some time.  I was frustrated.  I just wanted to finish this before bed.

So I'm stuck.  I can't get to the battle, I can't seem to get out alive.  I rez and hearth back to Dalaran.  I repair up (20g /cry) and portal to Orgrimmar.  I ride to Thrall's chamber, but no portal opens for me.  Thank goodness the zeppelins still worked.  I hitched a ride on a ghost zeppelin over to Undercity.  (It was weird, no NPC's or other players could be seen on the zeppelin while I stood on the Org tower, but once I stepped on, there were NPC's and players on it… which disappeared as soon as I stepped off at the UC tower.  The power of phasing!)

This time I seem to have a bit more luck as the battle has already started, but it is in the courtyard.  Thank goodness.

This time there is a rogue also participating in the battle.  He kinda hurts my already tired and crabby eyes (it's almost 1am at this point) with all his seemingly endless jumping and bouncing.  But then, he sends an unprovoked and unwelcome group invite.  First of all, bad manners in sending a ninjavite.  Secondly, there is no need to be grouped for this quest AT ALL.  The mobs during the battle drop no loot and you just have to participate to complete it.  I decline it.  He pops another a little while later, I decline again.

Rogue whispers: Invite me to ur guild i like the tabard (Really? so this is why people still use it as part of their recruitment message… huh.. I never mention the tabard in my recruitment spiel.)

Aly whispers: We have an application process before the interview process.

(no response for a few minutes)

Rogue whispers: im not taking any guild seriusly till i hit 80 so best i wait

Aly whispers: Yeah, that's probably for the best.

The rest of the battle continues without the rogue being too bouncy within my line o' sight and no further requests from him.  The battle comes to an end, I'm dead tired, I click for my reward selection and hit accept.  Aly is whisked away and dropped onto the zeppelin tower outside of Orgrimmar.  I open my bag to put on my new pants.


I selected the Warchief's Leggings of Valor instead of the ones listed below those.


I'm too tired to do anything at the moment.  I log out and decide that when I log on to her this weekend, I'll open a ticket and see if maybe a kind GM will help me out.

So, when you do Wrathgate…. if the battle is beyond the courtyard when you arrive, wait for the reset.  And carefully select your reward choices.


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  • “Rogue whispers: Invite me to ur guild i like the tabard (Really? so this is why people still use it as part of their recruitment message… huh.. I never mention the tabard in my recruitment spiel.)”

    lol…thats funny. I always wondered why people did that…now I know.

    Grats on your fishing too, that takes dedication!

  • Eh, expert fishing doesn’t take dedication… now Grand Master fishing… a whole ‘nother story! 😉

    Oh and I’m surprised he didn’t ask me how many bank tabs we have. hehe


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