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Where has the year flown by? Almost hard to believe it is that time of year again… for the Feast of Winter Veil! This is the longest in game holiday and it starts on December 15th.

So if you are looking for some guild event ideas in order to kick back and relax, socialize, or otherwise take a break from whatever your current grind may be, take a gander at the list below.  I’m purposely leaving them vague in order to let your imaginations and creativity expand upon them.  Sometimes all we need is a little idea nudge.  Without further adieu:

Super Winter Veil Elf to the rescue!
Super Winter Veil Elf to the rescue!

Feast of Winter Veil

-Go egg hunting

-Bake off! (You'll want some gingerbread cookies for Greatfather Winter after all)

-Work as a group on the various achievements for the holiday

-Have a guildie dress up as Santa and everyone else as elves for partying and photos

-Do a guild secret santa exchange

-Create Azerothian versions of popular Christmas carols and go a-wassailing throughout Azeroth

-Get together to open up the gifts Greatfather Winter brings and play with your new toys

-Get together and play with your old toys: robots and race cars are always a good time!

Snowball fights!

Transform into gnomes (well, if you aren't one usually) and storm enemy cities/towns

Gift Ideas

The main thing on everyone's mind at this time of year is gifts.  Last year, I wrapped up and mailed every. single. guildmate. a gift on Christmas Eve with a note to have a happy holiday from the guild.

What could I have possibly given everyone? Well, I'm sure most of you don't know me as the serious type so yes, the gifts mostly qualified as gag gifts.  And Blizzard provides great opportunities for this!  There are serious and thoughtful gifts that can be given out as well.

Make sure to buy wrapping paper! Keep in mind that the game does not allow you to wrap up stackable items.  This disappointed me when trying to send someone coal and someone else a pegleg.  If you DO want to send a gift that cannot be wrapped, just attach a piece of wrapping paper first then the actual gift.  The intent is implied and also makes sure the subject line doesn't give away what the gift is if you forgot to change it yourself!

Serious Gifts

-Non-combat pets (A few years ago, a friend gifted my azure whelping to me for Winter Veil!)


-Cut gems



-Gold (Think: Auction house giftcard!)

Gag Gifts (My favorite kind)

-A (used) hanky

Ogre loincloth (or any variation of loincloth)

Steamy Romance Novel

Pretty Rock

Unusual Compass (Perfect for friends who get lost All. The. Time.)

New Age Painting

Stoppable Force

Vial of Tears (Great gift for mages!)


Sleeveless T-Shirt

…. you get the idea.  I've wrapped up some doozies in the past, I assure you.

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  • They also now have an upgrade to one: A Very Pretty Rock. I’ve also received a Velociraptor Skull from the fishing daily.

  • @Sideshow – I guess I know what I’m getting from you, since I already have a Very Pretty Rock…


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