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Thought I'd do a post that may help a few people. Being a Leatherworker and also a cooker of fine meats, I usually need lots of Chilled Meat and Borean Leather. There are two good places that I've found that gives you both of these, depending on your level.

Seal MapIf your from 68-74 or so, a good place for these is in Howling Fjord near the Explorer's League Outpost on the map. Here, there are a ton (or is that a herd) of seals. Most of them are neutral, so you won't need to worry about pulling too many. There are only a few red Bull Lion Seal's in the area and only one per group. They usually range from level 68-71 or so. They have a very good drop rate for the Chilled Meat and you usually get either Borean Leather Scraps or Borean Leather when skinning. I've also skinned a good share of Arctic Fur from these guys.

The only pain about this area is if you're not able to fly yet. Getting down there on foot requires working your way down this confusing scaffolding, unless you're a rogue. But, what's more fun than killing helpless seal babies?

If you're higher in level, from like 75-80, then a good spot that I found is in Sholazar Basin right near the Frenzyhearts on Frenzyheart Hill. This area has a whole bunch of Hardknuckle Foragers and Hardknuckle Chargers. The latter being red and the first one being neutral. The Chilled Meat drop isn't as high as the seals, but they do drop Borean Leather and not scraps.

Due to almost every cooking daily needing Chilled Meat and Leatherworking needing Heavy Borean Leather not only for creating stuff but also as currency to buy new recipes, it's a good place to farm. Do any of you have a better place that you go to farm this?

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Sharing is caring!


  • And if you take a handy dandy warlock with you (that can’t fly) be sure to go down the correct scaffolding! 😛 But seriously, Seed of Corruption + herds of seals = win.

  • I’m no skinner, but when I have to get chilled meats for the cooking dailies, this is always the spot that I go. Despite it being a great spot to farm, I’ve never had to share it with anyone. (Could be the hours I play too, though.)

    For those that might be put off by the scaffolding route, at the NNE part of the seals, there is a trail that goes back up the cliff. No scaffolding (and mobs) necessary!


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