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Goodness, I've been flooded with a gazillion ideas and no time to forumlate sentences, let alone posts.  Well, I've been posting, just haven't been able to tackle all the crazy stuff in my head.  But, it's time for an update on my characters!

In the lead we have Syrana at level 79, which she hit over a week ago.

In second place we have Alynedarra, my hunter, at level 79, which she hit last night.

Who, oh, who will hit 80 first? My main or my “main alt”?

Some guildies seem to be making bets (not confirmed) on which toon will hit 80 first.  So this should be interesting.  Of course, Aly used to be my main.  Am I switching again? Hell naw.  But Aly did hit 70 first back in… uhm.. July 2007.  Then Syrana was born at the end of '07 and hit 70 a few months into 2008.  And she was leveled fairly quickly (for me) and before all the experience boosts put in by Blizz.

On with the rambling!

Last week I ran Side's new shaman alt, Keli, and Pex through RFC.  Keli shared one of the quests with me, since I apparently hadn't done that one on Aly ever.  But, little did I realize, the quest came from Varimathras.  Yep, that's right.  I couldn't turn it in because he no longer exists in Aly's world.

Grizzly PvP

blue-sky-logging-camp-ghOn Monday night, I decided to check out some more Grizzly Hills quests and even did some of the PvP daily quests at the Blue Sky Logging Camp.  When I started to search for parts, there was a level 80 night elf druid that tried to give me some grief, but I hadn't landed yet.  So I flew away like a scared little girl.  Then all was pretty quiet.  I saw some other Hordies there in a group.  But I was 78 at the time and by myself, like the brave huntress I am.  Then I got slaughtered by a level 80 gnome rogue.  /growl

Then the fun really came in as I finished up the dailies.  I saw a level 80 draenei deathknight.  I was hovering in the air, about to turn in my quests when I had an idea.  I figured I'd probably die, but thought I'd take my chances.

Huntard vs. Deathtard

Now, I admit, I'm a bit of a huntard.  (Oh yes, 'tis true!)  But I think this person qualified as a deathtard.  A level 80 DK vs. a level 78 Huntard?  Well, I followed her (female toon, who knows what's really behind it…) around a bit watching her slaughter Horde NPC's.  I landed on a tree stump and took aim.  My trusty kitteh did not (or could not) jump down to attack her.  But, I was firing away nonetheless.

She seemed confused.  She tried to attack me from the ground, but she couldn't touch me.  I think she tried to death grip me, because I remember a purpley swirl around me, but I stayed on the stump.  Her health dropped into the red and she started to run.  I was feeling pretty pumped at this point and allowed her to kite me as I gave chase hoping to finish her off.


Once I hit the ground I was toast.  Although, I wasn't overly burnt toast.  No, I was just lightly golden brown toasted.

You see, her health dropped to at least 20% after I gave chase and was shootin' arrows like there was no tomorrow because kill shot triggered.  Unfortunately, kill shot did not finish her off and I died.  But it was close.  Oh so close.  I think she even got an achievement off me! But I'm not for certain since I have the general achievement announcements turned off in chat, but I heard that telltale sound.  She did /love me after I fell.  She probably found it as amusing as I did…. I hope!  So I wasn't pissed or anything because I picked a fight I was certain I couldn't win.

Final Score:

Deathtard – 1

Huntard – 0

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  • hmmm….what will Davlin suggest you level…lets think really hard on this…


    Forget about PVP with hunters. Its fun, its possible, its not as fun as everything else. Let DK’s go and do their thing. We’re too cool to be brought down by their PVP.

  • I believe based on purely personal experience that death grip needs to hit to be effective, and it won’t actually pull all mobs (it doesnt seem to work very well underwater). I’ve never tried to pull someone on a flyer, generally anyone flying, I don’t want to screw with.

    Ugh, I despise PvP. . .

  • @Dav – Haha, yeah, I don’t usually PvP on my hunter. I prefer PvP on my warlock… not that I’ve done much of it since the expansion came out. I’m thinking they are both going to hit 80 veryvery close together. We’ll just have to see what happens over the next few days! 😉

    @Fish – I can’t say for certain if she actually cast it, I’m just guessing from the visual effects I saw. But it was amusing nonetheless. I like PvP when it’s more on my terms. (I did level both Aly and Syr originally on RP-PvP servers and since moved to PvE) I shouldn’t have picked the fight, but hey. 😀

  • I’d bet, but I have partial control over which one does it, so that wouldn’t be fair to anyone. ($5 and I’ll make it your bet, though)


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