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(The Doctor has prescribed a dosage of Capwn, so we're fillin' the ‘script today.)


Syrana changed her password… tryin' to block my midnight runs.  I've been fienin' for a fix somethin' awful.  She's not as easy to distract as Mary.  I mean check this out… those cats are my heroes.  And their sweet DK Puppykiller?


Although, it takes two of them to play one toon.  I do it all myself.  Because I'm awesome.

*tail flicks about, stops to scratch behind his ear*

You know, Syrana's Google Reader is filled with a gazillion blogs… blahblahblah.  Mine has only 4 in it.

That's right.


One for each paw of power.  I've got those WoW playin' kitties in there fo' sho'.  Then I have that little ballsy Gnomer.  He looks mighty tasty, what can I say?  I also gotta get my fix of WTFspaghetti.  Although, I'm thinkin'… WTFchickenliversandgravy.

Mmm nom noms.

*licks chops, eyes glaze over for a moment*

I might have to start that… especially if Syrana keeps shooin' me away from her computer.

And last, there's Jong.  He's funny as hell and pwns everyone left and right.  Too bad he's not going to write anymore.  I totally woulda asked him to 2's with me.  We woulda tore it up.

Speaking of which….

*ears flatten back*

My toon is gone.  GONE! Syrana claims she has no idea what happened.  I think she was just jealous.  I mean, some forum troll the other day said something about how her gear looked like the corn in his poop.  I guess it's a pretty big insult that her gear looks… undigested? whole?

She refuses to have my druid restored.  So, I have to reroll.

It's alright, it won't take me long… with a flurry of teeth and claws I'll be back on top.  And just in time for badge changes, too! Get ready so I can Conquest yer face!

*licks fervently at his paw*

You know, this dumb cat calendar that Syrana has said something about cats groom themselves an average of 5 hours a day.

5 hours!

A day!

That's insane.  There's no way I do that.  That would totally cut into my WoW time…

*lounges on chair*

So, where should I reroll?

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Sharing is caring!


  • Silly kitty…. Gnomes taste like furballs (you will cough me straight back up) and bark like dogs…

    But… you can still bat us around like mice…

  • @Keli – He sure can be a bad kitteh. Jumpin’ on counters… my computer… /sigh

    @Sprink – Capwn just might take you up on that!

    @Gnomer – He probably would just drag you around between his teeth. That’s what he does with this feather toy… I dangle it about, he gets excited swatting at it, then once he catches it with his mouth he wants to run off with it.

    Hmm.. that means he’d probably hide you somewhere. Oh goodness, to find a Gnome randomly hidden about the house terrifies me! lol


We are a family of gamers. Mom (Darcy/Syrana) and Dad (Brian/Sideshow) have been gaming for as long as they can remember back when you only had a joystick to use and saved your games to cassette tapes.

They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

Starting in 2010, two more gamers came along (now known as Princess Boo and Mr. X) and they are now old enough where they both enjoy playing games and watching others play games. They are both excited to have others to watch them play their favorite games. Come along with us and let's enjoy these games together!