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TLC Thursday: Contest, Charity, and More!

Reminder of the contest being hosted right here at S&S to win a free authenticator.  (I know, win and free… a bit redundant.)

Brajana at Mend Pet is raising funds for SPCA.  Donating will enter you into the drawing for some sweet prizes!

Nostalgia post over at Holy Dueg full of “I Remember When.”  Head on over to add some of your own in the comments!

Planning to head into a pug tonight? Tomorrow? Print out some of these pug bingo cards from Tamarind at Standing at the Back in my Sissy Robe.  They are sure to make the (bad) run more entertaining.

Saresa at Destructive Reach is on a mission to rally up warlocks everywhere so that we can, once again, be something to fear.

Nibuca at Mystic Chicanery upholds the warlock image by just saying no to sparkly pink shoulders.  But check out that My Little Dreadsteed!

Fulguralis at Killing ’em Slowly provides some great entertainment at the expense of his sanity with a list of little things that piss him off.

Green Armadillo at Player vs. Developer discusses the upcoming mount changes and how time consuming activities are not the same thing as being difficult.

Feeling bored with the game? All these patch changes making your head swim? Happy, mad, ambivalent?  Sprink at Sprink Notes asks how you make your own magic in the game and even offers some suggestions on how to do so.

I usually don’t list WoW Insider posts in The Link Connection; however, if you have not read the most recent 15 Minutes of Fame column about FertZane, I recommend it.  Now there is a gaming couple!  It is positive, heartwarming, and awe inspiring.