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**Please note: If you are looking for the actual in-game guide for this quest, click here.**

Last week at work, it was getting near the end of the day and I was… unmotivated and thirsty.  Here is the tale of that quest.

Quest: Thirst Unending

Greetings, Syrana!  This is your thirst talking atcha.  We need to resolve this issue and possibly get some more work done.  Do you think you are brave enough to take on this task?  You must confront the Soda Machine once you have the required coins.

You will need:

Coins accumulating to 65 cents, but pennies will not be accepted.

Your Reward:


I think to myself: “Self, this will be easy.”

I check my bank desk drawer and find 5 dimes.  I check my bags pockets and purse and find another dime.  I search my cubicle and cannot find a nickel for the life of me.  I check with one co-worker, but he only has pennies.  Pennies won't work for this quest.  I check with a couple other co-workers and am able to locate a nickel.  Great!

I check my map and head for The Break Room.

I spot the Soda Machine.  The area is clear, so this should be an easy take down.  Unfortunately, the dimes don't seem to work on this mob correctly.  I proceed to attack it, but without success.  Now I am 2 dimes short for this to work.  I hit up my coworkers again and scrounge up 2 more dimes.  I take a different approach in using the coins on the Soda Machine.  This time we have success!  I even received loot to cover the previous lost dimes.

With the quest completed, I proceeded back to my desk to attempt to complete some more work.  However, this quest took a good half hour and instead, I thought of how to relate it to a quest in-game.  So, no, it didn't remove my motivational debuff!

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Sharing is caring!


  • Quite a funny transformation to a quest in-game. Next time you visit I am going to give you a bag of coins to deposit into your bank…lol. *hugs*

  • I think the best part was at work this morning. One of my coworkers that helped me on this quest last week read the post shortly after I got to the office. He comes over and tells me he’s on the same quest now! lol

  • Great, soda machines with dime immunity. Clever, Blizz, clever. Though, I checked and Quench Helper has notes mentioning the dime immunity. Never quench without the Quench Helper mod imo.


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