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A few weeks ago, I had posted up a silly little real life quest and thought I was clever with the name.  Turns out, the name was in my subconscious because it really is a quest name in World of Warcraft.  (And I've rolled so many Blood Elves…)  So, a good handful of people that were looking for quest help were unwittingly brought to my silly little quest post when they googled for help.

thirst-unending-keywordsYes, this quest seems to be troubling a good chunk of people that have found their way here.  Well, I have heard your cry for help.  I shall present to you the Guide of All Guides.  (Although, I must apologize for the ones looking for a video guide of this particular quest, as I will not be able to provide such footage.)  Let us journey forth to complete the quest Thirst Unending!

Step 1 – Roll a Blood Elf

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I can't stress the importance of this enough.  If you are not a Blood Elf, you cannot complete this quest.  With The Burning Crusade expansion, we were introduced to two new races: Blood Elf and Draenei.  These are the only two races that have a starting quest on how to use a racial ability.  Thirst Unending is about using the Blood Elf racial spell, Arcane Torrent, to feed their need for mana.

Step 2 – Reach Level 2

start-1st-questThe above picture show the exact place you will start when you enter the new world after creating your character.  The bottom shows the default action bars and the spells the game starts you with.  You will need to run (or walk, if you wish) straight ahead to speak with the first quest giver.  She will send you on your way to kill a handful of mana wyrms.  Completing that quest should net you enough experience to reach level 2.  Once you turn in that first quest and reach level 2, there will be several more quests open to you.  You will want to head west, to the quest giver that holds this precious quest you are being guided through.

Step 3 – Accept Thirst Unending Quest


You have found him, good.  As you can see, he has the Thirst Unending quest.  Accept it from him and only a few more steps to completion!

quest-text-and-racial-abilityThe above picture shows the dialogue of the quest, which states you will need to use the Arcane Torrent racial ability.  This has already been placed on your action bar by default, but you may open your spellbook (Click on the tome on the menu bar or press “p”).  When you hover over the spell, it informs you that it silences your nearby enemies for a short period of time and restores a small percentage of your mana (or energy if you are a rogue).  This means the spell only works on baddies that have mana.  You remember those wyrms, right?

Step 4 – Find a Mana Wyrm

find-wyrmThose mana wyrms have mana, as their blue bar indicates.  They are practically surrounding you where you stand as you accept the quest.  Just turn around and look out yonder.  Hop the fence and run to them, or catch one that has snuck up a little close to where you are hangin' out.

Step 5 – Complete!

completionSelect that wyrm, use arcane torrent when they are near you, and BAM!  COMPLETE!

I hope you have found this step-by-step, illustrated quest guide helpful in your journey.  Feedback and comments appreciated.

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  • Finally! I’ve been looking all over for this. I haven’t made it past level 2 in 6 weeks. Mom will be proud!

  • I don’t see any arcane torrent, all I see is Arcane Missiles and I tried to kill them with it but the quest never finishes. I’m also on level 7 so when I attack they just die instantly


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