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Last week's recap

So last week, the fish lamp along the path by Moa'ki Harbor in Dragonblight didn't trip anyone up.  Everyone wins some cookies!

(Please be kind and only take one so everyone can have one.)



So, all you winners from last week – where is this fish to be found?


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  • “So, all you winners from last week – where is this fish to be found?”


    *smacks Samodean* share!

  • *grabs a cookie* YUMMY! *grabs another one .. and another one .. and all*

    I would guess it’s from the ancient quests in .. oh my god, it was howling fjord, wasn’t it? WHen i do em again with my druid i’ll kick my ass when i see the right place, haha 😉

  • @Sam & Sibyll – Share you two! 😛

    @Dav – That’s your final guess? lol

    @Fish – Indeedy! But we won’t cook you over the campfire… but no promises. 😉

  • as an Australian, I have never heard anyone say “put another fish on the barbie”. Thr actual saying is “put another shrimp on the barbie”, and I’ve never heard anyone say that either

  • @Davlin – Are you positive that is your final answer? 😛

    @Wise Fox – I know the actual saying is with shrimp… I was just playing on the phrase. 😉

  • I have a feeling I came across it recently whilst levelling my warlock in Grizzly Hills. Thinking furbolg dinner at Rage Fang Shrine.


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