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Ok, well not me doing the searching, but it was the best title I could come up with.  I'm sure many of you have seen other bloggers post about keyword searches that led traffic to their site.  And honestly, it can be quite interesting HOW people wind up finding your site.

This Gnome's For You

As a general rule, being Horde ‘n all, I don't really like Gnomes.  They kinda freak me out.  Small hands, smell of cabbage, type of freak me out.  Yet, a couple lil' Gnomes have grown on me.  (We still don't likes the Gnome rogues though.)  I'm particularly fond of .  He has these great posts about keyword searches called GoogledGnome.  So, here is Miss Syrana paying homage with a keyword search post of her own.  (Mostly because there are some searches beyond that damned unending thirst quest!)  Plus, the Twitter conversation with @ILikeBubbles today helped inspire this too!

Say What?


Search #1 – best warlock on server achievement

I scoured my achievement tab and cannot seem to find this anywhere.  I'm assuming it's a meta-achievement of some sort.  But I, for the life of me, cannot figure out the requirements.  Maybe just playing one through Wrath and into the next expansion will count?

Search #2 – can't get to bank when horde controls royal quarter

Funny, because I can ALWAYS get to the bank then.  Then again, other than for a brief time while fighting alongside Thrall and Sylvanas, I've never seen the Horde NOT control the Royal Quarter.  I'm hoping they were referring to that very quest…. but sometimes…. you just never know.

Search #3 – Huh?

My brain still can't wrap itself around that one.  I wish I could help…

Search #4 – dirty aly purple dress

Whoa, is this person looking for smexy WoW stuff?  Does my hunter, Alynedarra aka Aly, need to wash her clothes more often?  Aly doesn't own a purple dress, let alone a dirty one.  Now, Syrana… she owns a purple dress.  But I'm fairly certain it's clean and she didn't loan it out to Aly or any Alliance.  Hmm..

Hope you enjoyed this for a good weekend giggle.  I promise some more substance filled posts soon.  (Who am I kidding? My strong point is being odd!)

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Sharing is caring!


  • Dirty Aly purple dress when mixed with my twink juice will ensure lots of spam links and strange hits.

  • @Gnomeaggedon – So that’s what that stain is! 😆

    @Gaming Diva – That’s certainly a possibility. I’m quite impressed at how you could get through the tangle of word soup there! 🙂


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