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Generation 2: Aerissa and Caleb

Brenden was barely at home anymore.  Even when he wasn't touring, he'd take on smaller gigs throughout the city, as well as more and more fan-based activities.  He was going out for more meet and greets, autograph signings, and marketing meetings.  Aerissa barely had a chance to worry about what he was working on.  She had her hands full with the twin girls and a rapidly growing little boy.

trenton bday to child

To do something different, Aerissa decided to hold Trenton's next birthday party in formal attire.  The guests seemed to love it, but Trenton didn't.  He didn't even seem to want to be outside for his cake.  She worried about him entering school because he seemed more withdrawn than his sisters.  Also, the girls were about to enter high school, so Trenton would be left to fend for himself.  Aerissa was at relieved that all her children mostly got along with each other.  She knew Syrana and Summer were complete opposites personality-wise – no matter how much they looked alike, but they managed to share a bedroom without killing each other.

brenden eating aloneAfter awhile, Aerissa did start to notice that Brenden was withdrawing from her and isolating himself while at home.  He'd choose to eat at a different table or watch television in another trailer.  He rarely slept in the bed with her anymore, often saying he fell asleep on the couch while watching TV.  Aerissa felt hurt, felt like she was losing her husband, but had no idea what to do about it.  Then, several months later, all those activities slowed down to practically nothing.  Brenden was home, but often moping on the opposite side of the compound.  She couldn't get him to talk to her…

It'd been nine months since Brenden sought out Joanna, questioning where his life was headed.  He'd vented his fears, worries, and frustrations to her.  He knew she'd understand that he was meant for something greater than this city, than family life… she was the president of his fan club, after all, and he was going to be a huge rockstar.

joanna labor

She'd listened intently, marveling at the fact that he came to her.  Ran to her open arms when he felt lost and alone.  She'd hugged him and reassured him everything would be ok.  That nothing would stop him or hold him back.  He was talented.  His voice and fingers were gifts from the gods.  The whole time, she trembled with excitement to be so near to her heartthrob.  She whispered that she would do anything for him.

That night seemed to last forever to Joanna.  Brenden had woken up beside her, apologizing and making excuses.  She shushed him, assuring him it was all right.  She would have been content if it had been an one time event, but he continued to seek her out when he was low.  He was scared when she started to show and confirmed his suspicion that she was pregnant.  But she promised to keep it a secret.  He visited less and less after that.  Joanna was hurt, but believed he would be back.

joanna and brenden with babyWhen Joanna went into labor, her mother, Constance, was at her side.  She asked if Brenden had been called.  Constance nodded and patted her daughter's hand, reminding her that Brenden couldn't just leave his family wondering if he rushed down to the hospital.  Joanna cried, the pain of labor and of Brenden's absence almost too much to bear.

A few days after Joanna returned home with baby Anfernee (sidenote: the game named him, not me) Brenden came to visit.  Constance chose to leave them be so they could talk.  While she headed upstairs, Constance couldn't help but think about the money Brenden's child support would bring in.

Brenden shyly approached Joanna and the baby.  He asked to hold the baby, and softened at the sight of his own eyes staring back at him.  He cringed when Joanna told him the name.  He told her he was sorry and that he should have been at her side at the hospital… if for nothing else, than to make sure the boy had a proper name.  Quickly, the topic turned to what Brenden and his music could do for her and their family.

But they'd have to keep it quiet so as not to hurt his wife and other children.  Joanna and her mother promised they would not publicly reveal the father of Anfernee.  Brenden stole away to visit them whenever he could, sometimes staying overnight.

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