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Gaming General World of Warcraft 10

Syrana’s 2010 Gaming Goals

This is going to be a bit different than last year’s goal list.  Last year I focused heavily on World of Warcraft goals with a smattering of Rock Band goals mixed in.  This year, I’ve broken down my goals into a few different categories: WoW, Aion, Dragons Age, Sims 3, Blogging, and Assorted.  And my,… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 4

The Smell of Smoking Leather

[This is a true holiday gift! Gnomeaggedon of Armaggedon’s Coming has been voluntarily enslaved long enough to tap out a message to all of you.  Enjoy!] This must be the place. I don’t think I failed in tweaking that port into a cross-realm port. It made it easier following the highly perfumed scent trail that… Continue reading