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Hi all, Nibuca here hoping you all had a very happy holiday.  In case you don't know me, I co-host the Twisted Nether Blogcast and blog over at Mystic Chicanery (yes, I do have a blog.. why is everyone so surprised to find that out?).  Anyway I drew Syrana's name in Blog Azeroth's Secret Santa shared topic.  So I'm here to “gift” her with a post for the holidays.

Dungeon Finder is indeed the new hotness.  Step right up, get your red-hot dungeons, going fast.

Well ok.. if you're a tank you probably haven't even closed the Dungeon Finder tool before you get your first invite.  If you're a healer you maybe made one lap around Dalaran.. but woe if you're a DPS.  Queues of 15 minutes for the lone DPSer are not unusual.

So here is my short list of things to make the queue go (or seem to go) faster:

– Group with a tank and ride their coat tails.  Honestly the 3 second queues are SWEET and addictive.  Ride that wave as long as you can.

– Form a full group and join as a group.  This has the added bonus that you know the quality of your group mates and don't end up with that 800dps DeathKnight (SRSLY! How the heck do you do 800dps as a level 80 DK?  I thought that was impossible!)

– Dailies.  You should easily be able to make a round of Northrend and get your 25 daily quests done in the time in between random Dungeons.  That's hundreds of gold right there.

– Fish.  I know.. boring.. but there's achievements in them-there waters.  Dalaran coins, 100 fish, OH! and that spiff turtle mount.  I recommend fishing the pools in Grizzly Hills as they seem to pop up faster than you can fly to them.

– Farm.  Ok, so this only really works if you have a gathering skill on this toon.. but waiting for the queue to pop is a perfect time to fly mindless circles in Storm Peaks while herbing or mining.

– Loremaster.  You said you were going to do it.. well.. now you can intermix random dungeons with random lowbie quests.  Bonus points if you also take this opportunity to level all your weapon skills to max, max out old-world reputations and .. um.. eat lots of lowbie foods (for the achievements).  As a bonus 3.3 has made it much easier to find the quests you've missed in a zone.  So hop to it!

– The Insane.  Ugh.. Ok this is WAY at the bottom of my list.  I don't think I can get bored enough to try it.  But for some people the chance to have the very very rare title is worth the effort.  So.. more power to them.

– Roll a tank or play your tank.  Honestly there's no faster way to make the queue pop faster.

– Troll /trade.  Really, I shudder as I type this.  But it -is- a way to pass the time.  But honestly.. “never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

[Thanks so much, Nibuca! I hope you enjoyed this lovely gift post I received.  I peeked inside the wrapping the other day, but wasn't able to fully unwrap it and show it off for all to see until I got home Saturday night.  If you want to check out the other Secret Santa gift posts, you can find 'em here!]

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Sharing is caring!


  • Nib confirmed as a /trade troll. You heard it straight from the woman herself!

    buah hahaha. just kidding. even if she was really a troll, i’d still love her. you too, syrana! i am accepting of your secret troll nature, if you have one at all.

    happy holidays!

  • @Krizzly – Who me?


    <.< I'd never dream of being trollish. ...I like to refer to it as being "ultra snarky" while on an alt. 😛


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