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… yeah, I failed at a catchy title there.  Actually, what you see above is better than what I originally wrote which was “Announcements and Reminders.”  *snore*

You could say my brain is a little frazzled.  Truthfully, this year's holiday season has not been too bad.  I'm trying to pick out silver linings and such.  For example, work is a bit slow because I have fewer clients than normal due to dreaded funding issues.  BUT that means less people in crisis, which means I'm not pulling my hair out.

See how that works?

Anyway, I wanted to post up a bit of a rambly update and direct your attention to a few things.  As I said before, posting will be a bit sketchy until after the new year.  It's part of my reward for the blogiversary and, well, it's the holidays.  You know how it is!

Plus, you all have more fun things to do than read my craziness right now.  I know you'll appreciate fewer unread posts in the feedreader right about now.  Heck, I know I'm behind on reading mine again.  (Big surprise, I know.)

Oh, guess what Sideshow got me for Christmas? My very own Amberlash! <3  Now I'm wrestling with the dreaded “to open or not to open” decision.

Alright on with the point(s)!

Holiday Guest Posts

The Kris Kringle-Secret Santa guest post exchange has been a hit.  Check out the guest post I gifted to WoW in an Hour!  Also, make sure to check out the other gift posts.  There are some real gems!

Last Call for Free Topics

Offering to give out free blog topics has been a big hit.  Tamarind really knows what a blogger wants for the holidays! If you would still like to be gifted a free topic to write about, post a comment on my gift giving post before 1/1/10.  Shortly after the new year, I will do a special links post for those who received topics from me!

Blog Scavenger Hunt

How's the hunt going? I hope you are having some fun while searching for the answers hidden in the interwebz.  Remember to submit your entries by 1/4/10 for a chance at 1 of 4 faaaabulous prizes!  Can't find all the answers? Don't worry! Answer as many as you can!  For all the details please go here.

Polygamerous Podcast

I had a blast on Polygamerous last night.  I apologize I wasn't able to give much notice other than on Twitter that I was going to be on there.  Be sure to check out Episode 5 when it's available for download!

And guess who their newest host is?


I somehow tricked them into thinking it'd be a great idea to have me on practically every week.

And it worked!

Polygamerous is live on Mondays at 8pm PST/10pm CST/11pm EST complete with a fun filled chatroom.  So, that's another way to get your Syrana fix!

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  • For the record, I’m firmly in the “open” camp. It’s something you want, you’re never going to sell it, who cares if the value goes down?

  • @Samodean – True enough. Although, dusting the box is easier than all the nooks and crannies her body has… 😛

  • Open the Amberlash, toys are for playing with! While I have in the past been a comic book collector, Magic: the Gathering players and all around pack rat, and know the appeal of having items neatly in their packages/cases… as I’ve gotten older I think that having things for show isn’t nearly as fun as just having things. =P

    Also, since my blog is brand new, I could use a free holiday topic… so I shall go post there.

  • @Forthepie – She can’t seduce me… I shall enslave her first. *nodnod*

    @Valgav – I think I’m going to have to open her. Might get a case at some point… but we need a new shelf for all our new toys! 🙂 And… on my way now to go gift you a topic!

  • Syphillis is, indeed, the gift that keeps giving – although I have to say, you spread it far and wide. What does that say about your morals, young lady? 🙂


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