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This is going to be a bit different than last year's goal list.  Last year I focused heavily on World of Warcraft goals with a smattering of Rock Band goals mixed in.  This year, I've broken down my goals into a few different categories: WoW, Aion, Dragons Age, Sims 3, Blogging, and Assorted.  And my, I look gamerbitious, don'tcha think?

World of Warcraft

  1. Achieve Loremaster of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms before the release of Cataclysm.
  2. Achieve the Loremaster title by the end of 2010.
  3. Reach max level on an Alliance character.
  4. Reach max fishing on Syrana.  (I'm in the 260s now!)
  5. Acquire 100 mounts on Syrana in order to become the proud owner of a special dragonhawk flying mount. (I know some people don't like this mount or feel it is an adequate reward for all the collection… but I've wanted a dragonhawk flying mount since I first set foot in Eversong Woods.  I don't care, I want it!)


  1. Re-evaluate before subscription runs out on 1/23/10.  I finally went into my account yesterday to cancel it.  The game is still beautiful and has some unique aspects, but I'm finding it difficult to fit into my gaming schedule, especially without Sideshow actively playing it.

This doesn't mean I want to take back any of the things I said about the game when I first started playing.  Those still ring true.  It's gorgeous and fun.  It did steal my attention away for awhile (as do many games, but it's tough to hold my attention enough to rival that of my love for WoW.)  However, I found it difficult to play solo.  I'll go in and putz around before my sub is up and see if I still feel that way after not playing it for over a month.  If I still feel that way, I won't resubscribe until Sideshow is ready to play it again with me.

Hey, at least my Aion subscription was helping me to earn points towards free WoW time (thank you WoW credit card!).  Can't help it… that's my currency tab.

Dragon Age: Origins

  1. Play through the last 2 origin storys – the dwarf noble and dwarf commoner.
  2. At least one other complete play through, or reloading some save games to try out different choices (which would mostly be near the very end).

Sims 3

  1. Get to the 10th generation of “my” family.  It'll be interesting to see how wacky and diluted the gene pool gets…
  2. Play around with World Adventures expansion and any additional expansions that are released in 2010.


  1. Keep S&S going steady with multiple posts throughout the week.
  2. Resume “normal” posting shortly as the holiday craziness calms down.
  3. Resume bi-monthly posting of my column at Diabolical Minds (Syrana does have an email to answer yet!).  With the holidays, I had reduced to once a month for November and December, but intend to return to twice a month.
  4. Propose a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.
  5. Write a guest post for 2 other blogs (topic and blogs yet to be determined, of course, just something I'd like to do since I had fun with the Kris Kringle/Secret Santa post exchange!).


  1. More Allods Online beta testing since I've only played a little over an hour in it so far and now they are onto the 3rd round of closed beta testing.
  2. Look forward to the release of Heavy Rain.
  3. Look forward to the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  4. Check out Torchlight (finally).
  5. Try out some *gasp* FPS (first person shooter) games.  I'm generally not much of an FPS kinda girl, but I'm not opposed to stepping outside my gaming comfort zone once in awhile.  Never know, I might like it.  Although, I'm thinking I'd prefer PC shooters over console shooters.
  6. Check out information about voice acting.  I'm interested in dabbling a bit in this, or at the very least, learning more about it.
  7. Improve upon my hosting abilities for Polygamerous.  I'm used to the guest role, but this will be new and a bit different.

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  • Awesome list!

    Gah, so much I want to reply to – maybe you’ll have individual posts on them again later when I shouldn’t be making coffee. 😉

    I especially want to hear more about you and voice acting, Polygamerous, Aion, and blogging or slice of life stuff in particular. I can’t believe it took me this long to find your blog in the first place. <3

    *raises glass* To an amazing 2010!

  • You know, you ought to pop in on Aion, since Ful and Fuu suckered me into it as well. I’m now ready for some Abyssness… I think. I’ve been really getting into the crafting system, and I’m looking forward to posting some of my healing experiences. Don’t you want to play with me Syrana? *bats eyes*

    I downloaded Torchlight the other day, because they were running a promo where it was only 10 dollars. It’s nothing super fabulous, but it was definitely worth the 10 dollars.

  • As for the Mountain of Mounts achievement, I’d say just save the cash and get the dragonhawk for 150 champion seals. The reward mount from the 100 mounts is the orange model, not the red one as most people think. And it’s kinda fugly. While the tourney hawk is more of a brown, it really is a wonderful mount.

    Sprink has the tourney one, I have the achievement one. I’ll try to get a screenshot of the two of use so you can see em.

  • @Tami – The list feels ambitious, which I like. We’ll see how the progress goes throughout the year! I’m sure I’ll post progress updates on these. I’m glad you found us and enjoy hangin’ around here! 😀 *clinks glass*

    @Miss Medicina – Of course I wanna play with you! 🙂 I do need to log in, it’s been quite awhile >.< Yeah, Sideshow bought Torchlight while it was on sale, so I'm planning to take advantage of that! @Valgav - Oh I'm sure I'll get that one too... at some point. Although for now, I want to save seals for mini-pets and/or heirloom items >.>

  • Yeah I know how that is. I still need so many more mounts and pets. I want to someday get the dhawk and hippogryph mounts, but I haven’t done tourney dailies in like 3 months. =P

    If you can find it somewhere, try and look at new run animation for the hippogryph. It totally makes those mounts a lot more awesome.

  • @Valgav – I’m a sucker for “gotta get ’em all!” But, I was like that as soon as I started playing xD

  • @Windpaw – Thankies. I’m at about 560ish for Kalimdor as well. They are getting tougher to find now!


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