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Board Games

10 Board Games to Play at Family Holidays

The Holidays are here and you may need to entertain family. Some of your family may not think they’re into board games, but we like to think they haven’t found the right game yet. We wanted to share some ideas for games that meet some of our criteria: easy to teach, allow many players, or… Continue reading

World of Warcraft

Screenshot Sunday: The Protector

With Children’s Week coming up, starting today, I thought I’d use a screenshot from a Children’s Week of the past. This is Sideshow escorting the little Blood Elf girl. I think he’s saying, “If you touch her, I will rip out your spleen with my fist weapon.” Or something like that. Click for larger.

World of Warcraft 2

Friday Funnies: 12 Days Of Warcraft

On the 12th day of Christmas World of Warcraft gave to me… Twelve daily quests Eleven new blogs to read Ten soul shards Nine flying mounts Eight achievements Seven battlegrounds Six epic gems…. Breakout! (rap) It’s Capwn.  Hijackin’ this jingle. Although I ain’t jolly like Kris Kringle. I’m here to bring a message to allll… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 4

The Smell of Smoking Leather

[This is a true holiday gift! Gnomeaggedon of Armaggedon’s Coming has been voluntarily enslaved long enough to tap out a message to all of you.  Enjoy!] This must be the place. I don’t think I failed in tweaking that port into a cross-realm port. It made it easier following the highly perfumed scent trail that… Continue reading