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Hardwired: The Rush of the First Song

If you’re a metal fan and you were breathing on Thursday, you may have seen that Metallica released a new song and new album details without warning. I was caught off-guard. It’s hard describe the feeling I had when I clicked on that YouTube link and was hit smack in the face with the sweet… Continue reading


My Top 5 Rock Vocalists

The vocals in the music I listen to is usually one of the things I weigh high on my list. I need to enjoy the vocals or otherwise it can ruin the whole song, or sometimes even the whole band, for me. My main rock vocalist requirement is usually what I like to call “soul”… Continue reading


Sideshow’s Songs of the Moment

Well, it’s been a bit of a break, but I still listen to music so I thought I’d continue with my songs of the week…or at least as often as I can. I’ll just rename it to Sideshow’s Songs of the Moment. I’ve also moved on over to Spotify to embed the songs on the… Continue reading

Gaming Music XBox 2

Guitar Hero Sells…But Who’s Buying?

I find it sort of funny that I ended up purchasing Activision’s latest Guitar Hero release, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the day before they killed the series. Now, personally, I’ve always been more of a Rock Band fan. The Rock Band series always seemed to be more about the music and interacting with the music,… Continue reading

All-Time Classics Gaming Music World of Warcraft 3

The Music

Throughout my years of gaming (and movie watching), I’ve always enjoyed the music that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Usually the music is just the background while you play or watch, so a lot of people don’t pay attention to it. In the last few years, I started paying more attention to movie and… Continue reading

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Into The Mouth Of Hell We March

I’m posting this since it’s been rolling around in my head and getting it typed out helps me collect it all in one place. Plus, I should probably talk about these metal guys before more of them die off (Rest in Peace.) Throughout my music listening career, I’ve never been much of a drummer fan…. Continue reading