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World of Warcraft 2

BA Shared Topic: Warcraft Year In Review

I’m sure you’ve seen this baby making it’s way across the blogosphere.  It’s sort of memeish but also a Blog Azeroth shared topic, which was proposed by Bible of Dreams.  I decided it would be appropriate to take a look at my answers on the very last day of 2009. No, I wasn’t procrastinating.  Why… Continue reading

Screenshots World of Warcraft 54

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

So Tamarind, over at Righteous Orbs, has started a new blog gift that keeps on giving. Here are the basic details on the exchange from his post: I notice that it’s a season for gift-giving, mulled wine, the warm fuzzies and what not … and, putting aside my bah humbug inclinations, I got to thinking,… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 9

Memeku, Warlock Style

We’ve recently been tagged by Elleiras of Fel Fire for the WoWku meme.  Or, as I called it earlier, Lockku, for the haikus that are, y’know, warlock related.  Fimlys from Asleep at the WoW brought this meme back with a class flavor. (*Edit: We were also tagged by Gaming Diva.  I read her post, saw… Continue reading